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Adrienne Fried Block Amy Cheney Beach (Partially processed)


MC 227

28 boxes (9.33 cu.ft.)

About Adrienne Fried Block

Adrienne Fried Block (1921-2009) was born on March 11, 1921, in New York City. She grew up in Manhattan and attended the New York City public schools. In the 1930s, she began work on a BA at Hunter College, but left school to pursue a career as a musician. While raising two young daughters, she completed her degree in 1958 with a major in music. She earned an MA in Musicology from Hunter College 1967 and a Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center in 1979. In addition to her groundbreaking scholarly work in musicology, she taught/conducted at several schools including the Dalcroze School of Music, Hunter College, and the CUNY Graduate Center, where she was an Adjunct Professor of Music and Co-Director of the research project “Music in Gotham: The New York Scene 1862-1875″ at the Graduate Center/CUNY, a documented history of music in performance. She taught, lectured and published articles on women in American music, including two prize-winning books, Women In American Music: A Bibliography of Music and Literature (with Carol Neuls-Bates) (1979) and Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian: The Life and Works of an American Composer (1998). She died on April 5, 2009.

About the Adrienne Fried Block

The Adrienne Fried Block Amy Cheney Beach papers consist of background research materials for the book Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian: The Life and Works of an American Composer published by Oxford University Press in 1998.

Folder Listing

  1. Photocopies of Amy Beach compositions by Opus number
  2. Box List of Unprocessed Material

I. Photocopies of Amy Beach compositions by Opus number

f.1 Juvenilia, 1872-1885
f.2 Juvenilia, Exercises (Primo and Secondo)
f.3 Adrienne Fried Block’s notes on Beach’s juvenilia
f.4 Opus 1, 1-4 Four Songs
f.5 Opus 2, 1-3 Three Songs
f.6 Opus 3, Cadenza
f.7 Opus 4,Valse Caprice
f.8 Opus 5, Mass in Eb­ (complete)
f.9 Opus 5, Mass in Eb: Kyrie; Gloria
f.10 Opus 5, Mass in Eb­: Laudamus Te; Qui Tollis
f.11 Opus 5, Mass in Eb­: Quoniam Tu Sollis
f.12 Opus 5, Mass in Eb­: Credo; Sanctus
f.13 Opus 5, Mass in Eb­: Crucifixus; Agnus Dei
f.14 Opus 5, Graduale: Thou Glory of Jerusalem
f.15 Opus 7, O Praise The Lord, All Ye Nations
f.16 Opus 8, 1-3 Choral Responses
f.17 Opus 9, The Little Brown Bee

f.1 Opus 10, No. 2 The Night Sea
f.2 Opus 11, 1-3 Three Songs
f.3 Opus 12, 1-3 Three Songs (“Wilt Thou be My Dearie?,” “Ye Banks and Braes o’Bonnie Doon,” and “My Luve is Like A Red, Red Rose”)
f.4 Opus 13, Hymn of Trust
f.5 Opus 14, 1-4 Four Songs
f.6 Opus 15, No. 3 Dreaming
f.7 Opus 16, Rudolf (aka The Minstrel and the King)
f.8 Opus 17, Festival Jubilate (& notes)
f.9 Opus 18, Eilende Wolken, Segler Der Lufte (& notes)
f.10 Opus 19, 1-3 Three Songs
f.11 Opus 20 Villanelle: Across the World
f.12 Opus 21, 1-3 Three Songs (includes actual sheet music of “Extase”)
f.13 Opus 22, Bal Masque; Opus 23, Romance
f.14 Opus 24, Bethlehem
f.15 Opus 25, 1-6 Children’s Carnival
f.16 Opus 26, 2-4 Four Songs (includes actual sheet music for “Wouldn’t That be Queer?”)
f.1 Opus 27, Alleluia, Christ is Risen
f.2 Opus 28, 1-3 Trois Morceaux Caracteristiques
f.3 Opus 29, 1-4 Four Songs
f.4 Opus 30, The Rose of Avon-Town
f.5 Opus 31, 1-3 Three Flower Songs
f.6 Opus 32, Symphony in E Minor: “Gaelic” (pp. 1-50 & notes)
f.7 Opus 32, Symphony in E Minor: “Gaelic” (pp.51-120)
f.8 Opus 32, Symphony in E Minor: “Gaelic” (pp.121-200)
f.9 Opus 32, Symphony in E Minor: “Gaelic” (pp.201-220 & notes)
f.10 Opus 33, Teach Me Thy Way
f.11 Opus 34, Sonata in A Minor (for piano and viola)
f.12 Opus 35, 1-4 Four Songs
Opus 36, Children’s Album
f.1 Opus 37, Three Shakespeare Songs
f.2 Opus 38, Peace On Earth
Opus 39, Three Shakespeare Choruses
f.3 Opus 40, Three Compositions
f.4 Opus 41, 1-3 Three Songs
f.5 Opus 42, Song of Welcome
f.6 Opus 43, 1-5 Five Burns Songs
f.7 Opus 44, Three Browning Songs
f.8 Opus 45, Concerto for piano and orchestra in C# Minor (with many notes)
f.9 Opus 46, Sylvania: A Wedding Cantata
f.10 Opus 47, Summer Dreams
f.11 Opus 48, Four Songs
f.12 Opus 49, Songs of Liberty
f.13 Opus 50, Help Us, O God!
f.14 Opus 51, 1-4 Four Songs (& notes)
f.15 Opus 52, Hymn of Freedom
f.1 Opus 53, Jephthah’s Daughter
f.2 Opus 54, 1-2 Scottish Legend and Gavotte Fantastique
f.3 Opus 55, Invocation(for the violin)
f.4 Opus 56, 1-4 Four Songs (“Autumn Song”; “Go Not Too Far”; “I Know Not How To Find The Spring” and “Shena Van”)
f.5 Opus 57, 1-2 Only A Song, and Once Summer’s Day
f.6 Opus 59, The Sea-Fairies
f.7 Opus 59, The Sea Fairies
f.8 Opus 60, Variations on Balkan Themes
f.9 Opus 60, Variations on Balkan Themes
f.10 Opus 61, Give Me Not Love
f.11 Opus 61, When Soul is Joined to Soul
f.12 Opus 63, Service in A: “Te Deum”
f.13 Opus 63, Service in A: “Benedictus”, “Jubilate Deo”, “Magnificat”, & “Nunc Dimittis”
f.14 Opus 64, Eskimos: Four Characteristic Pieces
f.15 Opus 65, Les Rèves de Colombine: Suite Française
f.1 Opus 66, The Chambered Nautilus/1
f.2 Opus 66, The Chambered Nautilus/2
f.3 Opus 66, The Chambered Nautilus/3 (& notes)
f.4 Opus 68, After
f.5 Opus 69, 1-2 Two Mother Songs
f.6 Opus 71, 1-3 Three Songs
f.7 Opus 72, 1-2 Two Songs
f.8 Opus 73, 1-2 Two Songs
f.9 Opus 74, All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name
f.10 Opus 74, Panama Hymn (Alternate Text for “All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name”)
f.11 Opus 75, 1-4 “The Candy Lion”, “A Thanksgiving Fable”, “Dolladine”, & “Prayer of A Tired Child”
f.12 Opus 76, The Lotos Isles
f.13 Opus 77, Two Songs: “I” and “Wind O’ the Westland”
f.14 Opus 78, Canticles
f.15 Opus 79, Three Songs: “Meadowlarks”, “Night Song at Amalfi”, & “In Blossom Time”
f.16 Opus 80, Theme and Variations for flute and string quartet
f.17 Opus 80, Theme and Variations for flue and string quartet (Block’s Notes)
f.1 Opus 81, Prelude and Fugue
Opus 82, Dusk in June
Opus 83, from Blackbird Hills
Opus 84, Te Deum
f.2 Opus 85, In the Twilight
Opus 86, May Eve
Opus 87, Fantasia Fugata
Opus 88, Spirit Divine
f.3 Opus 89, Quartet for Strings in One Movement
f.4 Opus 89, Quartet for Strings (Block’s notes)
f.5 Opus 90, “Pastorale” and “Caprice, the Water Sprites”
f.6 Opus 91, The Fair Hills of Eire, O!
f.7 Opus 92, The Hermit Thrush at Eve; The Hermit Thrush at Morn
f.8 Opus 93, Message (S. Teasdale)
Opus 94, A Song For Little May/The Arrow and The Song
f.9 Opus 95, Constant Christmas
Opus 96, The Lord is My Shepherd
f.10 Opus 97, From Grandmother’s Garden

f.11 Opus 98, I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
f.12 Opus 99, Four Songs
f.13 Opus 100, Two Songs
f.14 Opus 101, Peter Pan
f.15 Opus 102, Two Songs: Farewell Summer, Dancing Leaves
f.16 Opus 103, “Benedictus Es, Domine” and “Benedictus”
f.1 Opus 104, Suit for Two Pianos
f.2 Opus 104, Suit for Two Pianos (Block’s notes)
f.3 Opus 105, Let This Mind Be in You
Opus 106, The Old Chapel By Moonlight
Opus 107, Nocturne
Opus 108, A Cradle Song of the Lonely Mother
Opus 109, Lord of the Worlds Above
Opus 110, Greenwood
f.4 Opus 112, Jesus, My Savior
Opus 113, Mine Be the Lips
Opus 114, By the Still Waters
Opus 115, Around the Manger
Opus 116, Tyrolean Valse-Fantaisie
f.5 Opus 117, Three Songs
Opus 118, Two Children’s Choruses
Opus 119, From Six to Twelve
Opus 120, Rendez-Vous (and Block’s notes)
f.6 Opus 121, Benedicite, Omina Opera
Opus 122, Communion Responses
f.7 Opus 123, Canticle of the Sun
f.8 Opus 124, Springtime
Opus 125/1, Lento Espressivo (Spirit of Mercy)
Opus 125/2, Evening Hymn: The Shadows of the Evening Hours
f.9 Opus 126, Sea Fever; Opus 127, When the Last Sea is Sailed

f.10 Opus 128, Three Pianoforte Pieces
Opus 129, Drowsy Dream-Town
Opus 130, Out of The Depths
Opus 131, Dark Garden
Opus 132, Christ in the Universe
f.1 Opus 133, God is Our Stronghold
Opus 136, Fire and Flame
Opus 137, May Flowers
f.2 Opus 139, Hearken Unto Me
Opus 140, We Who Have Sung Walk In Glory
Opus 141, O Lord god of Israel
Opus 142, I Sought The Lord
f.3 Opus 143, I Shall Be Brave
Opus 144, This Morning Very Early
Opus 145, April Dreams
Opus 146, Lord of All Being
Opus 147, I Will Give Thanks
Opus 148, Five Improvisations for Piano
f.4 Opus 149, Cabildo
f.5 Opus 149, Cabildo
f.6 Opus 149, Cabildo (Background material)
f.7 Opus 149, Cabildo
f.8 Opus 150, Trio for Piano, Violin and Violincello
f.9 Opus 151, Pastorale
f.10 Opus 152, Though I Take the Wings of Morning
f.11 Other Works:
R. Strauss, Ständchen, transcription (Opus 49 Bis)
Indian Lullaby
On A Hill
A September Forest
Franz Schubert, Serenade
Franz Schubert, Ihr Bild
Schumann, Ich Stand in Dunklen Träumen

f.12 Other Works:
Du siehst das ist nicht so
A Bit of Cairo
Come Ye Faithful
Singing Joyfully
The Icicle Lesson
If Women Will Not Be Inclined
A Bumblebee Passed By My Window
Time Has Wings and Swiftly Flies
Evening Song
Pax Nobiscum

II. Box List of Unprocessed Material

BOX 11
f.1 Recordings, my liner notes
f.2 Negatives, contact sheets
f.3 Small glossies (photographs)
f.4 Copies (before 1910)
f.5 Music Theory papers
f.6 8×10 glossies (photographs)
BOX 12
Amy Cheney Beach Manuscript Collection finding aid from the University of Missouri Kansas City
f.1 Correspondence with UNH
f.2 Correspondence, misc.
f.3 Attic Club file
f.4 Marcella Craft
f.5 Associates, A-G
BOX 13
Loose materials:
Primarily consists of photocopies from newspapers, periodicals, and books, and hand written notes. Subjects include: ethnomusicology and women composers. Also copies of music, bound and loose.
BOX 14
f.1 Dvořák, recent articles
f.2 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Music
f.3 Dvořák, early articles
f.4 H.E. Krehbiel articles
f.5 Music – Anglo-American
f.6 Music – Scottish-Irish folk
f.7 Anthropology and Social Darwinism
f.8 Music – black, ragtime, jazz
f.9 Folk music
BOX 15
Loose materials:
Primarily consists of photocopies, printed materials, and hand written notes. Subject: Dvořák
BOX 16
f.1 Responses to Adrienne Block
f.2 The orchestra history, 1862-1865
f.3 Chamber, solo, vocal, and instrumental
f.4 The orchestra as icon
f.5 Abstract
f.6 Copyright data
BOX 17
f.1 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Correspondence
f.2 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Blacks
f.3 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Lecture handouts
f.4 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Native Americans
f.5 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Buildings and grounds
f.6 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Bibliography articles
f.7 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Midway
f.8 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): General
f.9 Indianist materials (ethnomusicology)
BOX 18
75th Anniversary scrapbook
f.1 Interviews
f.2 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition): Blacks
f.3 B. & M.’s workbook
BOX 19
f.1 Beach, income 1926-1944, source diaries
f.2 Wills & deeds
f.3 75th Anniversary concert
f.4 Work lists made by Amy B.
f.5 Inventories
f.6 B.’s autograph album
BOX 20
f.1 Mostly reviews of Block’s book
f.2 Beach Conference I Papers
f.3 AFB: 80/0 1st Fe Quartet (?)
BOX 21
Loose materials:
Concert programs, photocopies of sheet music, photocopies of a handwritten diary
Bound materials: The Federal Cylinder Project, Vol. 8; Amy Marcy Cheney Beach: Music for Piano, Hildegard Publishing Company
f.1 Photocopies from archives; second folder inside “labeled Beach 1940-44”
f.2 23 Photos – Bostonians
f.3 23 Photos – Musicians
f.4 Photos – AFB
f.5 23 Photos – HHAB
BOX 22
f.1 L & W to 1885
f.2 L & W 1930-44
f.3 Buxbaum correspondence
f.4 Buxbaum correspondence, undated letters
BOX 23
Binder containing slides
f.1 Correspondence, DLC-APS, 1883-1910
f.2 Correspondence, DLC-APS, 1941-1944
f.3 Correspondence, DLC-APS, 1917-1920
f.4 Correspondence, DLC-APS, 1911-1914
f.5 Correspondence, DLC-APS, transcriptions
BOX 24
Loose material:
Caller sheets for dances; binder-clipped typed copy of diary
f.1 Dz – 1931-1936 (copies of handwritten diary)
f.2 B’s diary, 1941-1944
f.3 Musical visitors, 1909-1910
BOX 25
Binder of material labeled 1930-1940
f.1 HHAB
f.2 Beach’s Self Concept as Composer
f.3 Genealogical material from Sanborn
f.4 Beach: Chronology/Performances
f.5 Ruth Shaffner/PEO
f.6 R. Crawford
f.7 Folk music Beach owned
BOX 26
f.1 Boston: people, places, institutions
f.2 MacDowell Colony
f.3 Associates: H-Z
f.4 Cheney
f.5 MacDowell Colony
BOX 27
f.1 32/0
f.2 45/0
f.3 Correspondence: DLC-APS, 1931-1940
f.4 Correspondence: DLC-APS, 1921-1930
f.5 Correspondence: DeSayn
f.6 Correspondence: E.S. Coolidge
BOX 28
Loose materials: concert programs, photocopies of sheet music, correspondence
f.1 Correspondence: DLC 2nd set
f.2 Correspondence: Dengel
f.3 Arnold Schwab
f.4 Correspondence: NYPL
f.5 Correspondence: Amy Beach to Ruth Schaffner, 1930-1933
f.6 Correspondence: Amy Beach to Ruth Schaffner, 1934-1936
f.7 Correspondence: Amy Beach to Ruth Schaffner, 1937-1960 & fragments
f.8 Correspondence: Amy Beach to DLC Strickland (?)
f.9 Correspondence
f.10 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition) photos
f.11 Nationalism articles
f.12 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition), Board of Lady Managers
f.13 WCE (World’s Columbian Exposition), Ethnology
f.14 Recordings

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