Spaces to Study & Work

Group Work Space

There are several areas that offer computers and large monitors for group work.

Please note there is no food allowed in Dimond Library Room 537.

Location Capacity (people) Rooms Call to Reserve
Dimond Library 2-5 Rooms 121, 123, 125 (See map), 349, & 351 (See map) Dimond Circulation Desk, (603) 862-3125
Collaborative Work Spaces (See map); Level 3 near IT Support Center First come, first served; priority given to groups over individual use
8 Room 327 (See map); available weekends and after 5 pm on weekdays Dimond Circulation Desk, (603) 862-3125
12 Room 337 (See map) Dean's Office, (603) 862-1540
20 Room 537 (See map); equipped with projector. No food allowed. Dimond Circulation Desk, (603) 862-3125
Room 343 (See map); equipped with projector; available after 5pm* Dean's Office, (603) 862-1540
30 Room 352 (See map); equipped with projector. Dean's Office, (603) 862-1540
Engineering, Math, & CS Library
Kingsbury Hall, S236
12 Rooms L, M, N, & P; no food permitted Engr/Math/CS Library Desk,
(603) 862-1196
Physics Library
DeMerritt Hall, 114
10 Room 114B; no food permitted Physics Library Desk,
(603) 862-2348
Chemistry Library
Parsons Hall (Iddles Wing), N109
10 Rm N109B; equipped with projector; no food permitted Chemistry Library Desk,
(603) 862-1083

*Patrons who reserve room 343 (Dimond) for 5pm or later will need to get the key from the Circulation Desk in exchange for their ID.

Quiet Study Space

Q means Quiet Space

These locations are designated for individual study, where there should be no talking and no audible electronic devices, including cell phones.

For space where quiet group work is okay, go to Dimond Level 2.

Library users in quiet study areas whose study is disrupted are asked to first approach those who are noisy and ask them to be quiet. If necessary, please contact library staff for assistance. Library users who do not maintain quiet will be asked to leave the quiet study area.

Cell phones and conversations in Dimond Library can be taken to the Level 3 (Main Level) lobby, the building stairwells, or the areas by the North elevators on each floor. At the branches, please go out into the hall, well away from open doorways.

Undesignated Study Space

Areas not designated as Quiet Study or for group work or study are available for either use.

Areas that tend to be used for quiet study but are not specifically restricted include individual carrels found in balcony areas and along the book stacks on Dimond Levels 1, 4 and 5.

Areas with open tables are often used for group use. Some of these areas include Dimond Levels 1 and 4 by the South Elevator, and the tables in Natural Sciences Resource Center.

In the branch libraries, sound travels easily in smaller spaces, Groups should keep voices low to accommodate those focusing on individual work.