James and Sylvia Bashline

Papers, 1958-1997

MC 252

21 boxes (8 cu.ft.)

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Processed: April 2013 by James Rogers

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About James and Sylvia Bashline

L. James (Jim) Bashline, son of J. Stanley and Mildred S. Bashline, was born in Tioga, PA on November 18, 1931. He was educated at Pennsylvania State University and Albright Art School, after which he entered the field of journalism. He became a prolific and widely acclaimed outdoor writer and photographer, contributing regular columns as well as free-lance pieces to a variety of publications, including Field and Stream, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Pennsylvania Game News. He also authored a number of books that provided practical and professional advice for outdoor activities. These books include The Allegheny Angler (1963), The Eastern Trail (1972), Night Fishing for Trout (1972), America’s Great Outdoors (co-editor, 1976), Atlantic Salmon Fishing (1985), The Trout and Salmon Fisherman’s Bible (1991), and The Fly Fisherman’s Bible (1993).

Bashline used his writing to advocate for conservation efforts. He was a member of The Ruffed Grouse Society, the National Rifle Association, Trout Unlimited, and the Federation of Flyfishers. His other activities often contributed to his written publications, such as his work as a TV presenter, outdoor photographer, artist, and cook.

Sylvia Bashline was born on August 13, 1933, in Port Allegheny, PA. She was the daughter of Robert T. and Florence S. Grabe, and married Jim in August, 1952, after which her career closely mirrored that of her husband. The couple travelled extensively around the United States and Canada in order to gain first-hand experiences and practical knowledge that would enable them to publish so widely on outdoor activities. Sylvia contributed cookery columns and articles to many of the same publications as her husband, including Field and Stream and Pennsylvania Angler. Her published cookbooks include The Bounty of the Earth Cookbook (1979), Cleaning and Cooking Fish (1982), Sylvia Bashline’s Savory Game Cookbook (1983), The New Cleaning and Cooking Fish (1999), Fixin’ Fish: the Complete Guide to Cleaning and Cooking Freshwater Fish (2000), and The Fish and Game Cookbook (2000).

Both Jim and Sylvia held editorial positions at Field and Stream and directorial positions in OWAA (Outdoor Writers Association of America) and POWA (Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association).

About the James and Sylvia Bashline Papers

The James and Sylvia Bashline collection consists primarily of the published magazine and newspaper articles of Jim and Sylvia Bashline, between 1958 and 1995. The collection also contains a series of manuscripts of Jim Bashline’s book Atlantic Salmon Fishing, as well as various agreements between the Bashlines and their publishers. A small number of Jim’s drawn illustrations – primarily of flies and fish – are included, as well as hundreds of slides, negatives, color transparencies, and proof sheets. These depict the Bashline’s travels, outdoor activities, and cooking recipes, and are mostly arranged by genre. Many of these photographs were used in their publications, particularly in their regular Field and Stream columns. Finally, there are a number of videos of the series “Outdoor Profiles,” as well as CDs with 60 minute interviews between Jim Bashline and other prominent outdoor writers and activists.

Folder Listing

  1. I. Publications
    1. Jim Bashline Magazine Articles
    2. Jim Bashline Newspaper Articles
    3. Sylvia Bashline Magazine Articles
  2. Book Publication material
  3. Miscellaneous material
  4. Audio-Visual Material
    1. Drawings and Illustrations
    2. Negatives
    3. Negative Proof Sheets
    4. Color Transparencies
    5. Slides
  5. Oversized material

I. Publications

A. Jim Bashline Magazine Articles, arranged by publication

f.1 Field and Stream, 1967-1975
f.2 Field and Stream, 1976-1978
f.3 Field and Stream, 1979-1981
f.4 Field and Stream, 1982-1984
f.5 Field and Stream, 1985-1987
f.6 Field and Stream, 1988-1992
f.7 Fly Fisherman, 1972-1979
f.1 Pennsylvania Angler, 1958-1974.
f.2 Pennsylvania Angler, 1975-1991.
f.3 Pennsylvania Game News, 1968-1970.
f.4 Pennsylvania Game News, 1971-1972.
f.5 Pennsylvania Game News, 1973-1975.
f.6 Pennsylvania Game News, 1976-1993.
f.7 Pennsylvania Sportsman, 1980-1982.
f.1 Pennsylvania Sportsman, 1983-1987.
f.2 Other publications (alphabetically by publication title), A-E.
f.3 Other publications, F.
f.4 Other publications, G-H.
f.5 Other publications, I-N.
f.6 Other publications, O-R.
f.7 Other publications, S.
f.8 Other publications, T-Z.

B. Jim Bashline Newspaper Articles, arranged by publication

f.1 Centre Daily Times (CDT), 1986-1988.
f.2 Centre Daily Times, 1989.
f.3 Centre Daily Times, 1990-1991.
f.4 Centre Daily Times, 1992.
f.5 Centre Daily Times, 1993.
f.6 Centre Daily Times, 1994.
f.7 Centre Daily Times, 1995.
f.8 Post-Gazette, 1984.
f.9 Other titles (alphabetically), 1963-1989.

C. Sylvia Bashline Magazine Articles, arranged by publication

f.1 Field and Stream, 1972-1977.
f.2 Field and Stream, 1978-1980.
f.3 Field and Stream, 1981-1984.
f.4 Field and Stream, 1985-1990.
f.5 Other publications (alphabetically by magazine title), A-O.
f.6 Other publications, P-Z.

II. Book Publication Material

ff.1-2 Jim Bashline, Atlantic Salmon Fishing book manuscript 1.
ff.3-5 Atlantic Salmon Fishing book manuscript 2.
ff.6-8 Atlantic Salmon Fishing book manuscript 3.
ff.1-3 Atlantic Salmon Fishing book manuscript 4.
ff.4-7 Atlantic Salmon Fishing book manuscript 5.
f.8 Jim Bashline: correspondence with publisher, 1985.
f.9 Sylvia Bashline: correspondence with publishers, 1978-1988.
f.10 Sylvia Bashline: personal sales books, 1979-1995.

III. Miscellaneous

f.11 Jim Bashline business cards; Correspondence with Margaree Salmon Association, 1987; Sylvia Bashline letter to Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum, outlining donation of slides, negatives, and photographs.

IV. Audio-Visual Material

A. Drawings and Illustrations

f.12 Drawings and sketches by Jim Bashline.

B. Negatives.

f.13 Content descriptions for each sheet of negatives (sheets designated by A#).
f.1 Negatives A1-A23:

A1. Fishing; Kids; POWA (35 negatives).
A2. Camping (33 negatives).
A3. Hunting turkey (33 negatives).
A4. NJ camping; NJ fishing; Turkey hunting (34 negatives).
A5. Trout. (35 negatives).
A5(2). Equipment (35 negatives).
A6. Camping (30 negatives).
A7. Camping equipment (36 negatives).
A8. Camping (32 negatives).
A9. Lab training (20 negatives).
A10. Camp fire (35 negatives).
A11. Shooting (36 negatives).
A12. Camping equipment (12 negatives).
A13. Camping equipment (35 negatives).
A14. Camping equipment (35 negatives).

A15. Saskatchewan fishing (20 negatives).
A16. Camping equipment (35 negatives).
A16(A). Camping equipment (33 negatives).
A17. Camping equipment (33 negatives).
A18. Canoe (35 negatives).
A18(a). Canoe (19 negatives).
No A19
A20. Rabbit (35 negatives).
A21. Parents (9 negatives).
A22. Minnesota fishing (35 negatives).
A23. Minnesota fishing (36 negatives).
f.2 Negatives A24-A50:
A24. Camping equipment (35 negatives)
A25. Minnesota (35 negatives)
No A26
A27. Lab pups (36 negatives)
A28. Clambake (35 negatives)
A29. Clambake (35 negatives)
A30. Camping equipment (3 negatives)
A31. Lab pups; Miramichi camp party (34 negatives)
A32. Yock (35)
No A33
A34. Orvis (34)
A35. Wren (20)
A36. Garcia (20)
A37. Garcia (20)

A38. Kinzua fishing and camping (34)
A39. Kinzua fishing and camping (20)
A40. Dove with dog hunting (20)

A40(2). Dove with dog hunting (18)
A41. Our dog (20)
A42. Sylvia (20)
A43. Butter nut and walnut (20)
A44. Beaver (35)
A45. Jim (fish); Apples (19)
A46. Pinchot camping (36)
A47. Pinchot camping (34)
A48. Pinchot fishing (21)
A48(2). Pinchot fishing (17)
No A49
A50. Warren grouse hunt (19)
f.3 Negatives A51-A71:
A51. Big buck hunting (33 negatives)
A51(2). Big buck hunting (19 negatives)
A52. Fishing lines (23 negatives)
A53. Pinchot camping (35 negatives)
A54. Woodcock (20 negatives)
A55. Camping equipment (20 negatives)
A56. Camping equipment (20 negatives)
A57. Bootgease (35 negatives)
A58. Dick Shear’s dog (35 negatives)
A59. Christmas, 1969 (19 negatives)
A60. Camp Peckett, VA (19 negatives)
No A61-A65
A66. Bonito (21 negatives).
A66(2). Bonito (19 negatives).
A67. Bonito (35 negatives).
A68. Camping equipment (20 negatives).
A69. Camping equipment (19 negatives).
A70. Fishing equipment (20 negatives).
A71. Pinchot open day, 1970 (35 negatives).
No A72-A78
f.4 Negatives A79-A120:
A79. Chickens (20 negatives).
A80. Pinchot camping (19 negatives).

A81. Pinchot camping (19 negatives).
A82. Pinchot camping (20 negatives).
A83. Spruce Creek fishing (19 negatives).
No A84-A86
A87. Turkey spring hunt, 1970 (19 negatives).
No A88-A99
A100. Steak eating (19 negatives).
A101. Idaho (16 negatives).
A102. Idaho (20 negatives).
A103. Rope knots (20 negatives).
A104. Idaho fishing (20 negatives).
No A105-A109.
A110. Idaho fishing. (35 negatives).
A111. Pinchot – Bonito (35 negatives).
A112. Streamer flies (18 negatives).
A113. Lonowings Dam (20 negatives).
A114. Lonowings Dam (34 negatives).
A115. Lonowings Dam (20 negatives).
A116. Kinzua trip (19 negatives).
A117. Kinzua trip (17 negatives).
A118. Kinzua trip (20 negatives).
A119. Kinzua trip (19 negatives).
A120. Kinzua trip (20 negatives).
f.5 Negatives A121-A145:
A121. Lumber Works Museum (35 negatives).
No A122-A126
A127. N.C. with Bodie (19 negatives).
A128. Sportspal – Bass (13 negatives).
A129. Turkey calling contest (20 negatives).
A130. Turkey calling contest (20 negatives).
A131. Turkey calling contest (20 negatives).

A132. Franklin Fair (34 negatives).
A133. Dutch Days (21 negatives).
A134. Dutch Days (19 negatives).
A135. Trap shooting practice (20 negatives).
A136. Apple and grape eating (20 negatives).
A137. Dove season, 1970 (19 negatives).
A138. Fruit stand (19 negatives).
A139. Fishing on yellow breeches (20 negatives).
No A140
A141. Fishing on yellow breeches (21 negatives).
A142. Huskie tournament (18 negatives).
A143. Huskie tournament (19 negatives).
A144. Christmas presents for angler (19 negatives).
A145. ABU – Smoker (20 negatives).
No A146-A150
f.6 Negatives A151-A180:
A151. Bass Sloaton Juniata (19 negatives).
No A152-A154
A155. Salmon flies (20 negatives).
A156. “Pa Chucks” (20 negatives).
No A157-A158
A159. Station Wagon (8 negatives).
A160. Ringneck hunting (19 negatives).
A161. Ringneck hunting (20 negatives).
A162. Kinzua hunt (20 negatives).
A163. Kinzua hunt (19 negatives).
A164. Kinzua hunt (19 negatives).
No A165
A166. First aid (20 negatives).
A167. Cleaning company equipment (19 negatives).
A168. Passport pictures, Zoa, Jim and Sylvia (20 negatives).
A169. Boyd getting bass trophy (13 negatives).
No A170-A171
A172. Sportspal New Pinto at Pinchot Fall, 1970 (20 negatives).
No A173
A174. Christmas, 1970 (20 negatives).
A175. Christmas, 1970 (19 negatives).
A176. Christmas and snowshoes (19 negatives).
A177. Flies and two grouse books (17 negatives).

A178. Minn sled dogs (19 negatives).
A179. Outdoor show in farm show building; ice fishing; pistol firing with bell (20 negatives).
A180. Outdoor show in farm show building; ice fishing; pistol firing with bell (20 negatives).
f.7 Negatives A181-A204:
A181. Outdoor show in farm show building; ice fishing; pistol firing with bell (35 negatives).
A182. Remington Farm (19 negatives).
A183. Remington Farm (19 negatives).
No A184-A185
A186. Lake Erie fishing (35 negatives).

No A187
A188. Sportspal – flies and gun show (15 negatives).
No A189
A190. Pup; Camping kit (20 negatives).
A191. Fly fishing clinic (35 negatives).
A192. Kentucky (36 negatives).
No A 193
A194. Arts festival, Pinchot breakfast (30 negatives).
A195. Case and queen knives (17 negatives).
A196. Case and queen knives (35 negatives).
A197. Case and queen knives (17 negatives).
A198. Case and queen knives (36 negatives).
A199. Case and queen knives (20 negatives).
A200. POWA fishing (35 negatives).

A201. Fawn pictures (19 negatives).
A202. Pensacola trip (34 negatives).
A203. Pensacola trip (36 negatives).
A204. Pensacola trip (34 negatives).
f.8 Negatives A205-A231:

A205. Pheasant Italiano (31 negatives).
A206. 1971 salmon fishing (19 negatives).
No A207-A208
A209. Hiking in Potter county (35 negatives).
A210. Hiking in Potter county (36 negatives).
A211. Hiking in Potter county (35 negatives).
No A212
A213. Hiking in Potter county (28 negatives).
No A214
A215. Iceland (17 negatives).
A216. Iceland (15 negatives).
A217. Iceland (23 negatives).
A218. Iceland (35 negatives).
A218(A). Iceland (20 negatives).
A219. Hovercraft (35 negatives).
A220. Zoa’s band; Dog training; Hovercraft; Lake Erie (34 negatives).
A221. Lake Erie cohos; Christmas column pictures (35 negatives).
A222. Filleting cohos; Christmas column pictures (29 negatives).
A223. Filleting cohos (36 negatives).
A224. Camping; Pinchot; Conservancy recycling (35 negatives).
A225. Camping; Pinchot; Conservancy recycling (30 negatives).

A226. Dutch oven (16 negatives).
A227. Dutch oven and Rev. Frehn’s quails (20 negatives).
A228. Frehn’s quails; Poison ivy and pheasant broth (35 negatives).

A229. Minnesota (10/71); duck and grouse (21 negatives).
No A230
A231. N. Smith; G. N. Flower; Baked grouse; Broiled grouse (15 negatives).
f.9 Negatives A234-A269:
No A232-A233
A234. 1971 deer hunting (17 negatives).
No A235-240
A241. Sportspal products; Cornish game hens (21 negatives).
A242. Rabbit (cooked) (18 negatives).

No A243-A247
A248. Chicago NSGA 1972 (35 negatives).
No A249
A250. Huntsdale trout (19 negatives).
A251. Huntsdale trout (19 negatives).
A252. Little tame deer; Boyd in Pappose in our pond (19 negatives).
A253. Spring camping trip to World’s End (19 negatives).
A254. Dandelion greens; Trap shooting with Plowman (20 negatives).
A255. West Virginia trip with Sisley (20 negatives).
A256. West Virginia trip with Sisley (36 negatives).
No A257-A260
A261. Florida Sportspal trip (7 negatives).
No A262
A263. Farm campground (36 negatives).
A264. Farm campground (20 negatives).
A265. Compass shots (16 negatives).

A266. Bikes (36 negatives).
No A267
A268. Bikes (35 negatives).
A269. Saskatchewan, 1972 (35 negatives).
f.10 Negatives A270-A300:
A270. Saskatchewan, 1972 (35 negatives).
No A271-A272
A273. Saskatchewan, 1972 (36 negatives).
A274. Camping set-ups: Saskatchewan (35 negatives).
A275. National amateur retriever, 1972 (35 negatives).
A276. National amateur retriever, 1972 (20 negatives).
A277. National amateur retriever, 1972 (33 negatives).
A278. National amateur retriever, 1972 (36 negatives).
A279. National amateur retriever, 1972 (34 negatives).
No A280
A281. Hungarian venison pot roast – Sportspal (12 negatives).
No A282
A283. Sportspal Labrador (21 negatives).
A284. Labrador (35 negatives).
No A285
A286. Labrador (36 negatives).
A287. Labrador (35 negatives).
A288. Labrador; Chicken; David and Sportspal (25 negatives).
A289. Jim (36 negatives)
A290. Sportspal sailing; Christmas presents (25 negatives).

A291. Christmas presents; Tent; Trail food; Sunglasses (33 negatives).
A292. Ugaua Bay, Quebec (35 negatives).
A293. Ugaua Bay, Quebec (35 negatives).
A294. Bob P. – woodcock (28 negatives).
A295. Flying W Ranch, 10/72 (36 negatives).
No A296
A297. Flying W Ranch, 10/72 (35 negatives).
A298. Flying W Ranch; Charles Vernon (35 negatives).
A299. Flying W Ranch; Charles Vernon (35 negatives).
A300. Sleeping bag and Coleman camper (35 negatives).
f.1 Negatives A300(2)-A320:

A300(2). Sleeping bag and Coleman bamper (11 negatives).

A301. N. Leitner – Mt. Airy lodge (35 negatives).
A302. Pheasant hunting (36 negatives).
A303. Pheasant hunting; Flies (35 negatives).

A304. Rods; Flies for Field & Stream Annual (33 negatives).
A305. Rods; Flies for Field & Stream Annual (35 negatives).
A306. Texas hunt, 12/72 (36 negatives).
A307. Texas hunt, 12/72 (36 negatives).
A308. Texas hunt, 12/72 (40 negatives).
A309. Remington farms, 1972 (35 negatives).
A310. Christmas, 1972 (36 negatives).
A311. Pocono ice fishing (35 negatives).
A312. Pocono ice fishing (36 negatives).
No A313
A314. Game recipes; Fishing Annual tackle pictures (35 negatives).
A315. NSGA show – snowshoes, pigeon, sports show (35 negatives).
A316. Dinner at Johns; Perch; Sour dough cookery (35 negatives).
A317. Steve Ebonly (3 negatives).
A318. Walleyes; Camping show CRV (36 negatives).
A319. RV show; Sportspal boat (19 negatives).
A320. Sportspal boat; Camping stoves and lanterns (23 negatives).
f.2 Negatives A321-A336:
A321. First day trout season; White’s book (35 negatives).
A322. Africa (33 negatives).
A323. Africa (36 negatives).
A324. Africa (35 negatives).

A325. Africa (34 negatives).
A326. Africa (35 negatives).
A326(A). Africa (36 negatives).
A327. Brookville – fishing, flyrod, scenics (35 negatives).
A328. Sportspal with Tony S. (20 negatives).
A329. Brookville; Yellow breeches (36 negatives).
A330. Yellow breeches; Flies (35 negatives).
A331. Narraguagus (17 negatives)
A332. Narraguagus (36)
A333. Maine – Minn (Strung – Al Buck) (37 negatives).
A334. Maine – Minn (Sportspal) (14 negatives).
A335. Minnesota; Sportspal; Lanters; Test Mono; Kids shooting (26 negatives).
A336. Minnesota – paratroops (35 negatives).
f.3 Negatives A337-A362:
A337. Minnesota – fishing (35 negatives).
A338. Minnesota – canoe building (36 negatives).
A339. Minnesota – Doc Kowalski (36 negatives).
A340. Minn. OWAA; Kowalski (35 negatives).
A341. Flies – woodchuck (36 negatives).
A342. Vieux Post, Quebec (35 negatives).
A343(A). Vieux Post, Quebec (32 negatives).
A344. New Brunswick – Old Hunter (27 negatives).
No A345-A346
A347. Sportspal – Old Hunter in New Brunswick (9 negatives).
No A348-A349
A350. Flies for Yoder story (36 negatives).
A351. Fishing on Y. breeches (35 negatives).
A352. Orvis School (35 negatives).
A353. Orvis School (35 negatives).
A354. Ocean City, Ind. (filleting) (34 negatives).
A355. Reels; Muskie broiling; Camping (35 negatives).
A356. Ocean City; Lamb cooking; Christmas; Compass (34 negatives).
A357. Christmas; POWA deer records; First aid. (35).
A358. Reels; Sylvia portraits (35 negatives).
A358(A). Coho – Lake Erie (35 negatives).
A359. Mt. Airy trap and skect. (34 negatives).
A362. Maggie Nichols (26 negatives)
f.4 Negatives A363-A391:
A363. West Virginia; Cooked rabbit; Knots (31 negatives).
A364. Backpacking column (36 negatives).
A365. Bahamas – game recipe (35 negatives).
A366. Muskie on Juniata – game recipe (33 negatives).

A367. Bob Bell sleeping in snow (9 negatives).
A368. Knives (camping); Autographing book (35 negatives).
A369. Krumlich bass fishing and filleting (32 negatives).
A370. Bass filleting; Venison in wok; Webster hunting (24 negatives).
A371. Sportspal factory (35 negatives).
A372. Shad filleting, etc. (35 negatives).
A373. Sportspal; Pocono trip – shad, brookies, C. Fox. (16 negatives).
A374. Pocono brookies – Mexico (35 negatives).
A375. Mexico, 5/74 (18 negatives).
No A376-A377
A378. Mousakka recipe (11 negatives).
A379. Mexico – AFI tour (36 negatives).
A380. AFI tour (35 negatives).
A381. AFI tour – hiking shoes (36 negatives).
No A382-A387
A388. Hilton Head – emergency kit. (35 negatives).
A389. Antes Fort – Quebec shooting clinic. (36 negatives).
A390. Quebec shooting and Matane. (36 negatives).
A391. Quebec – Sportspal – smoked cabin. (9 negatives).
No A392
f.5 Negatives A393-A412:

A393. Ugly hunter (12 negatives).
A394. Flies (Fenwick) (24 negatives).
A395. Eagles poppies – Jack’s bass (36 negatives).
A395(A). Flies (Fenwick) (34 negatives).
A396. Strippi(?) trip with Boyd and Saskatchewan with Gelmure(?) (35 negatives).
A397. Saskatchewan (35 negatives).
A398. Labrador (35 negatives).
A399. NWT (35 negatives).
A400. NWT (35 negatives).
No A401
A402. NWT (35 negatives).
A403. Sylvia; Deer hunting; Shad filleting (32 negatives).
A404. Alaska and Utech’s birds (29 negatives).
A405. Alaska and Utech’s birds (36 negatives).
A406. Maine forest tour (34 negatives).
A407. Maine forest tour (34 negatives).
A408. Erie trip and St. Regis calendar (34 negatives).
A409. Maine deer; Doves and broiled pheasant; Clearfield (31 negatives).
A410. Zoa Band; Pheasant and wine; Clearfield – turkey (Clark) (35 negatives).
A411. Clearfield (34 negatives).
A412. Clearfield and Mark’s cabin, 12/74 (24 negatives).
f.6 Negatives A413-A437:
A413. Cabin. (37 negatives).
No A414-A415
A416. Sportspal deer float; Perry Co. buck and casting about (26 negatives).
A417. Cortland Line Co. – squirrel (fried) (36 negatives).
A418. Cortland Line Co. – supplement garden (26 negatives).
A419. NSGA show – Houston (27 negatives).
No A420
A421. Ice fishing and camp clothing (36 negatives).
A422. Gun auction; Fluke fishing; Florida bonefishing (35 negatives).
A423. Bonefishing (35 negatives).
A424. Bonefishing (29 negatives).
A425. Bonefishing (27 negatives).
A426. Forest town; Shad fishing; Tennessee (35 negatives).
A427. Tennessee (36 negatives).
A428. Tennessee (35 negatives).
A429. Tennessee; Penns Creek; Owl; NJ coast (35 negatives).
A430. NJ coast; Weakfish and drum (35 negatives).
A431. NJ coast and FFF, Roscoe, NY (36 negatives).
No A432
A433. Lake Charles – Sportspal – Venison roast (13 negatives).
A434. Fluke contest (36 negatives).
A435. Fluke contest (35 negatives).
A436. Lake Charles – chain saw (35 negatives).
A437. Lake Charles – filleting weakfish (38 negatives).
f.7 Negatives A438-A462:
A438. Filleting flounder and game recipe – Lugfish (33).
A439. Night fishing (23 negatives).
No A440-A446
A447. 1975 Labrador trip (35 negatives).
A448. 1975 Labrador trip (36 negatives).
A449. 1975 Labrador trip (35 negatives).
A450. Stork; Labrador; Sylvia portrait, 6/76 (32 negatives).

A451. Graphite rods; Windmill; Tree trimming (33 negatives).
A452. Hunting; POWA meeting; Dolnack and mixed fish (36 negatives).
A453. Hunting; Mushrooms, Hickory nuts and Christmas items (36 negatives).
A454. Shaggy Manes; Lake Erie; Game preserve (34 negatives).
A455. Cut up squirrel, Shaggy Mane, outer smoker, blue fish broiled, birds (35 negatives).
A456. Sportspal canoe pictures (for ad) (20 negatives).
A457. Maine deer; Spruce grouse and grouse bird feeder (35 negatives).
A458. Birds and feeder (35 negatives).
A459. Feeder; Remington farms; Sewing; Chopping wood (35 negatives).
A460. Sewing (35 negatives).

A461. Cardinal on trees (36 negatives).
A462. Georgia – I.P. trip. (36 negatives).
f.8 Negatives A462(A)-A496:
A462(A). Bass trip to Florida (Sylvia) (35 negatives).
A463. Hats (6 negatives).
No A464
A465. Hat; Dead fawn (7 negatives).
A466. Cross-Country skiing (24 negatives).
A467. Club Pacifico (33 negatives).
A468. Club Pacifico (35 negatives).
A469. Club Pacifico (34 negatives).
A470. Club Pacifico (33 negatives).
A471. Pacifico; Sportspal; Venison (35 negatives).
A472. Valley Forge – rabbit casserole (36 negatives).
No A473-A474
A475. Female Purple (?) (16 negatives).
A476. Inachiul – spring flowers (36 negatives).
A477. Spring fly fishing – Hopewell village – flowers (37 negatives).
A478. Hopewell village (36 negatives).
A479. Spring fly fishing – Hopewell village (36 negatives).
A480. Pocono trout fishing and Delaware shad (Slaymaker and Schuvut) (36 negatives).
A481. Pocono trout fishing and Delaware shad (Slaymaker and Schuvut) (36 negatives).
A482. Fontana Dam and Roscoe, NY (39 negatives).
A483. Roscoe, garden, pie, flies (35 negatives).
A484. Game dinner – strawberry (33 negatives).
A485. Fluke contest – Ralph Stork (35 negatives).

A486. White River National Forest backpacking with white stag (35 negatives).
A487. White River National Forest backpacking with white stag (36 negatives).
A488. White River National Forest backpacking with white stag (35 negatives).
A489. White River National Forest backpacking with white stag (36 negatives).
A490. White River National Forest backpacking with white stag (35 negatives).
A491. White River National Forest backpacking with white stag (19 negatives).
A492. Game and fish recipes (29 negatives).
A493. Minipi, Labrador, 8/76 (35 negatives).
A494. Minipi, Labrador, 8/76 (36 negatives).
A495. Minipi, Labrador, 8/76 (35 negatives).
A496. Minipi, Labrador, 8/76 (35 negatives).
BOX 10
f.1 Negatives A497-A521:
A497. Minipi, Labrador, 8/76 (36 negatives).
A498. Knives, goose, May apple, marigold (35 negatives).
A499. Shanks – Fortescue. (35 negatives).
A500. S. Slaymaker in Pocono – night fishing (10 negatives).
A501. Blue fishing and contest (18 negatives).
A502. Blue fishing and contest (35 negatives).
A503. Blue fishing and contest (36 negatives).
A504. Blue fish contest and Jim and Sylvia (35 negatives).
A505. SC. deer hunt – blueberries and huckleberries (36 negatives).
A506. Cape May bluefish and net throwing (35 negatives).
A507. Cape May bluefish with bells (32 negatives).
No A508
A509. W. PA diggings – Nat and Sam, Bob, Sylvia, Jim (34 negatives).
A510. Minn. muskie – Natt and Sam, Glatfelter hunting, people and beagles (32 negatives).
A511. J. Samson on controlled hunt (36 negatives).
A512. Venison cutting up and Ithaca pictures (32 negatives).
A513. Birds at feeder (36 negatives).
A514. Field and Stream camp food (36 negatives).
A515. Striped bass baked (17 negatives).
A516. Game and fish recipes – dry apples (36 negatives).
A517. Flounder cooking and Phila show (35 negatives).
A518. Quail hunting, cooking, and Phila show (35 negatives).
A519. Jim portraits and flies (13 negatives).
A520. Pheasant recipe; Opossum; Tackle set-ups (36 negatives).
A521. Elmen Keith – NSGA show – pasties – snowshoes (36 negatives).
f.2 Negatives A522-A543:
A522. Pasties, snowshoes and flounder, duck croquettes (35 negatives).
A523. Eating in snow (for GN) Allentown Sportsman Show (36 negatives).
A524. Allentown Sports Shows (32 negatives).
A525. Turneffe Islands (36 negatives).

A526. Turneffe Islands and Blind in Houston (36 negatives).
A527. Blind bass fishing (34 negatives).
A528. Blind bass fishing (36 negatives).
A529. Schulkill river – game recipes (34 negatives).
A530. C&PA. trail (36 negatives).
A531. C&PA. trail – game recipes (35 negatives).
A532. C&PA. trail – Lumber Museum (28 negatives).
A533. Recipes – fish and game (36 negatives).
A534. Mackerel recipe – Maddy Lyn – Eldred (35 negatives).
A535. Eldred – Roscoe, NY (35 negatives).
No A536
A537. Jersey coast and venison in pit (35 negatives).
A538. Venison in pit, shad broiled and bass (21 negatives).
A539. Portraits of Jim and Sylvia (20 negatives).
A540. Mecatina – cave in Smethport (4 negatives).
A541. Mecatina (35 negatives).
A542. Mecatina (35 negatives).
A543. Mecatina – salmon lake trout recipes; Great Bean (35 negatives).
f.3 Negatives A544-A565:
A544. Great Bean – shore lumber (35 negatives).
A545. Great Bean – shore lumber (36 negatives).
A546. Italian festival, fish paradise, snapper bluefish (36 negatives).
A547. Smoked trout and mackerel – 2 panfish recipes (32 negatives).
A548. Raystown lake – swimming pool – wren house (37 negatives).
A549. Raystown lake – swimming pool – wren house (35 negatives).
A550. Country smoker (30 negatives).
A551. Bluefish night – Cape May (36 negatives).
A552. Birds and rabbit pie (31 negatives).
A553. Puffball – honey brook trout (35 negatives).
A554. Woodcock hunting, Pocono, Woodcock recipe (26 negatives).
A555. Muzzle loader pheasant hunt, Thanksgiving Day 1997 (35 negatives).
A556. Muzzle loader pheasant hunt, Thanksgiving Day 1997 (36 negatives).
A558. POWA Fall meeting (20 negatives).
A559. Pheasant hunt at Corts – bass on Susque (35 negatives).
A560. Deer hunt in Poconos (28 negatives).
A561. Deer hunt in Poconos – salmon at Green Hills (36 negatives).
A562. Deer hunt in Poconos (22 negatives).
A563. Deer sausage (Dolnack) – clay pot cooking (36 negatives).
A564. Deer sausage; Red Hat Day (Hammermill) (36 negatives).
A565. Red Hat Day – deer (37 negatives).
f.4 Negatives A566-A582:
A566. Larry McLaughlin and decoys (18 negatives).
A567. Ice storm, 1/13/78 (36 negatives).
A568. Remington farms F&S, snow, food (31 negatives).
A569. Bahamas (35 negatives).
A570. Bahamas – venison (34 negatives).
A571. Wilderness farms – venison (36 negatives).
A572. Wilderness farms (32 negatives).
A573. Water cress Nisely; Pheasant recipe – venison (34 negatives).
A574. Hachettstown fish hatchery (24 negatives).
A575. Venison loin roast – brook trout (33 negatives).
A576. Brook trout fishing in Marshall Creek (35 negatives).
A577. Line testing for F&S article (45 negatives).
A578. Codoras Creek, crappie close-ups, Kentucky (32 negatives).
A579. Kentucky trip (17 negatives).
A580. Kentucky skip jack – couple hono shots (35 negatives).

A581. Shad fishing, POWA – Scott and Coff (36 negatives).
A582. Skills camp, shad food (37 negatives).
f.5 Negatives A583-A600:
A583. Delaware Bay (Davis) food – smoked duck and tile fish (35 negatives).
A584. Delaware Bay (Davis) food – rabbit, woodcock, venison (37 negatives).
A585. Mexico food – doves (35 negatives).
A586. VA. Beach – blues and weakies (37 negatives).
A587. VA. Beach – blues and weakies (35 negatives).
A588. VA. Beach – Chukar strawberries – Quebec walleyes (35 negatives).
A589. Quebec (Strammond) walleye cooking – lake trout (37 negatives).
A590. Quebec – walleye and lake trout (37 negatives).
A591. Sylvia Minn. trip; Walleye cooking (19 negatives).
A592. Sylvia Minn. trip (19 negatives).
A593. Sylvia Minn. trip (20 negatives).
A594. Sylvia Minn. trip (19 negatives).
A595. Sylvia Minn. trip (19 negatives).
A596. Sylvia Minn. trip; Good mayflies pictures (20 negatives).
A597. Bluefish tournament ’78 – flounders (37 negatives).
A598. Bluefish tournament ’78 – flounders (36 negatives).
A599. Baby rabbit (14 negatives).
A600. Chukar – salmon, trout, shad, pheasant (36 negatives).
f.6 Negatives A601-A600:
A601. Reunion (37 negatives).
A602. Reunion – Mecatina – salmon cook (35 negatives).
A603. Mecatina. (32 negatives).
A604. Fish and game meals and boat picnic (32 negatives).
A605. Lake Erie and Jim portraits (35 negatives).
A606. Jim portraits (36 negatives).
A607. Sylvia portraits (36 slides).
A608. Moser – panfish fillets (37 negatives).
A609. Penguin industries – Jan F&S – Lau Cal chowder; rabbit and pheasant hunt (35 negatives).
A610. Hunting at Cox; Grouse recipes and GA quail (35 negatives).
A611. GA. quail (Sisley) (36 negatives).
A612. GA. quail (Sisley) (37 negatives).
A613. GA. quail (Sisley) (37 negatives).
A614. Sisley – quail – Ga, grouse recipe. (35 negatives).
A615. Stu Tinney – Tenn striper (23 negatives).
A616. Bluegills – mackerel (32 negatives).
A617. Shad filleting (30 negatives).
A618. Venison – shad filleting and garden (26 negatives).
A618(A). Venison – shad filleting and garden (25 negatives).
A619. Weakfishing – Delaware Bay (21 negatives).
A620. Ringneck (35 negatives).
f.7 Negatives A622-A641:
A622. Fish boil – Lau – Esopus (35 negatives).
No A623
A624. Saltwater fishing – smoker – squirrel – bluegill recipes (35 negatives).
A625. Whitlock – strawberries – saltwater (35 negatives).
A626. Saltwater – Rioge. (29 negatives).
A627. Mecatina (27 negatives).
A628. C. Hill – swordfish, wahoo, duck (33 negatives).
A629. Shank barbecued, smoked salmon, POWA offices (36 negatives).
A630. B.A.S.S. Tourny – poached salmon (37 negatives).
A631. Sisley’s shooting school (43 negatives).
A632. Sylvia book pictures – bass pictures; weakfish cooking (33 negatives).
A633. Sylvia book pictures – woodstove chili – Jim cut wood (35 negatives).
A634. Wood splitting – squirrel wrapping (37 negatives).
A635. Wood splitting, etc. (36 negatives).
A636. All food (37 negatives).
A637. Wood piles, wood stove, venison recipe (36 negatives).
A638. Len pheasant dead at Windon and Thermocator venison roast (18 negatives).
A639. Striper Towney – Raystown (32 negatives).
A640. Alaska float trip (35 negatives).
A641. Alaska float trip (18 negatives).
f.8 Negatives A642-A660:
A642. Duck recipe (4 negatives).
A643. Coor’s guns (35 negatives).
A644. Coor’s guns (36 negatives).
A645. Bass in Corts pond (35 negatives).
A646. Bass in Corts pond (37 negatives).
A650. Bass 1980, shadow – food (23 negatives).
A651. Food and Ralph Stark (37 negatives).
A652. Food and Ralph Stark (27 negatives).
A653. Pheasant hunting – flies, popping bags – food (35 negatives).
A654. Grouse hunting – Sisley (37 negatives).
A655. Reels test – food (bass) (37 negatives).
A656. Fishing in Rochester (35 negatives).
A657. Sigma stuff and reel test (31 negatives).
A658. Shad and turkey (36 negatives).
A659. Florida Taupon (35 negatives).
A660. Zebco and Florida (35 negatives).
BOX 11
f.1 Negatives A661-A680:
A661. Saskatchewan – lake trout (35 negatives).
A662. Saskatchewan (36 negatives).
A663. Saskatchewan (36 negatives).
A664. Quebec – salmon and scallops (35 negatives).
A665. Bird feeder birds (37 negatives).
A666. F&S Christmas pictures (7 negatives).
A667. Phil Thomas – Muskie fishing and food (33 negatives).
A668. Phil Thomas – Muskie fishing and Ned Smith, Sisley grouse and food (37 negatives).
A669. Florida bridge fishing and camp food (21 negatives).
No A670
A671. Blue heron – Coleman – Jim portraits (37 negatives).
A672. Most win food pictures (35 negatives).
A673. Win picture (20 negatives).
A674. Carp rhubarb, dandelion, bloodroot, food (19 negatives).
A675. OWAA (Hoppes) and Bermuda (37 negatives).
A676. Bermuda (36 negatives).
A677. Mecatina salmon (38 negatives).
No A678-A679
A680. Wulff – Casa Mar (38 negatives).
f.2 Negatives A681-A703:
A681. Casa Mar (30 negatives).
A682. Barnes, grouse hunting – pickled pike, black powder, Cox farm (34 negatives).
A683. Black powder Thanksgiving hunt (36 negatives).
A684. Wild fin leys in lawn (37 negatives).
A684(A). Wild fin leys in lawn (35 negatives).
A685. 1983 salmon fishing (J. Wise) (37 negatives).
A686. 1983 salmon fishing (J. Wise) (37 negatives).
A687. 1983 grouse hunting with Nick (29 negatives).
A688. 1983 grouse hunting with Nick (19 negatives).
A689. Thanksgiving Day hunt, 1983 (26 negatives).
A690. Chile, 1984 (36 negatives).
A691. Chile, 1984 (36 negatives).
A692. Coors shot, 1984 (36 negatives).
A693. Jim’s fishing carvings (36 negatives).
A695. Mecatina salmon trip, 1985 (36 negatives).
A696. Mecatina salmon trip, 1985 (36 negatives).
A697. Salmon trip, 8/86 (32 negatives).
No A698-A699
A700. Middleton plantation, 1/86 (26 negatives).
A701. Middleton plantation, 1/86 (37 negatives).
A702. Cart Hill – Haystack (34 negatives).
A703. Jim’s office and office “Bird” (36 negatives).
No A704
f.3 Negatives A705-A722:
A705. Jim – British Columbia (36 negatives).

A706. Labrador salmon fishing – bluejay (35 negatives).
A707. British Columbia (25 negatives).
A707(A). British Columbia (35 negatives).
A708. British Columbia (35 negatives).
A709. Rifle shots – for gun article (33 negatives).
A710. Nick and Wety grouse hunting (34 negatives).
A711. Office striper (13 negatives).
A712(A). Spruce Creek fish grill (34 negatives).
A713. Nova Scotia (34 negatives).
A714. Shaggy Manes (24 negatives).
A715. Bass filleting and trout cleaning (25 negatives).
A716. Nova Scotia (37 negatives).
A717. Deer pens (36 negatives).
A718. Meredith (25 negatives).
A719. Bud fishing – little snapping turtles (31 negatives).
A720. Christmas, 1988 and Pa. Fish Co dedication (32 negatives).
A721. Bud – big fish pictures plus other stuff (32 negatives).
A722. Prusace Galltyon Fish Commission outing (35 negatives).
f.4 Negatives A723-A735:
A723. Conference and Gralic reunion (33 negatives).
A723(A). Conference and Gralic reunion (35 negatives).
A724. Troopers picnic and Mecatina (34 negatives).
A725. Fish Commission outing and OWAA conference (33 negatives).
A726. Maisha large trout (36 negatives).
A727. Sylvia portraits (21 negatives).
A728. Marie Smith portraits (9 negatives).
A729. Lonnie/Heron – Mecatina – rifle (26 negatives).
A730. Fishing tackle (23 negatives).
A731. Fishing tackle (36 negatives).
A732. Fishing tackle (37 negatives).
A733. Humming bird nest; Brown trout (13 negatives).
A734. Kuralt in Utah – fishing (20 negatives).
A735. Mecatina – Norma reunion (35 negatives).
f.5 Negatives A736-A749:
A736. OWAA conference/shadow (35 negatives).
A737. Matt (NY); Flowers in yard (37 negatives).
A738. Tackle (fishing) (37 negatives).
A739. Trout and grouse for NY Times (36 negatives).
A740. New Brunswick salmon fishing (35 negatives).
A741. New Brunswick salmon fishing (35 negatives).
A742. New Brunswick salmon fishing. (23 negatives).
A743. Thanksgiving, 1991 (13 negatives).
A744. Christmas, 1991 (35 negatives).
A745. Trout flies, boots, Al Bright (37 negatives).
A746. Tackle (16 negatives).
No A747
A748. Tackle (37 negatives).

A749. Tackle show, 1/92 (25).
f.6 Negatives A750-A768:
A750. Streamer flies/net (37 negatives).
No A751
A752. Flies – monkey (19 negatives).
A753. Doc Harnett fishing/bluegills (36 negatives).
A754. Doc Harnett fishing (37 negatives).
A755. Jim demonstrating fly fishing technique (36 negatives).
A756. Russia (37 negatives).
A757. Russia (37 negatives).
A758. Russia (37 negatives).
A759. Russia (35 negatives).
A760. Russia (35 negatives).
A761. Russia (35 negatives).
A762. Russia (37 negatives).
A763. Saskatchewan trip/Cant Hill (27 negatives).
A764. Saskatchewan trip/Cant Hill (37 negatives).
A765. Saskatchewan trip/Cant Hill (37 negatives).
A766. Saskatchewan trip/Cant Hill (26 negatives).
A767. Saskatchewan trip/Cant Hill (37 negatives).
A768. Saskatchewan trip/Cant Hill (35 negatives).
f.7 Negatives A769-A790 and Miscellaneous:
A769. Saskatchewan/carvings/Matt with turkey (36 negatives).
A770. Saskatchewan (37 negatives).
A771. Saskatchewan (37 negatives).
A772. New Brunswick/Harrison with Hummer/OWAA picnic (36 negatives).
A773. New Brunswick/OWAA picnic (36 negatives).
A774. Trapping bear (33 negatives).
A775. Saskatchewan deer hunt (30 negatives).
A776. Flies/reels – sports show – Joan Wulff (36 negatives).
A777. Saskatchewan deer hunt/sport show/Chip (35 negatives).
A778. Pup Chip in snow (March, 1993) (37 negatives).
A779. Jim portraits (37 negatives).
A780. Chip in March snow (37 negatives).
A781. New Brunswick (July, 1993) (24 negatives).
A782. OWAA board meeting/Xmas party (38 negatives).
A783. Xmas and Jan snow (38 negatives).
A784. OWAA Maine conference (1994) (25 negatives).
A785. OWAA Maine conference/S.C. big trout (25 negatives).
A786. New Brunswick salmon trip (July) (25 negatives).
A787. Labrador/moose (22 negatives).
A788. Labrador (38 negatives).

A789. Spruce Creek big fish/fishing/wall carvings (37 negatives).
A790. N.B./Meredith sign/Jim’s turkey/Xmas (1994) (37 negatives).

MISC 1. Unidentified (27 negatives).
MISC 2. Unidentified (35 negatives).
MISC 3. Unidentified (25 negatives).
MISC 4. Unidentified (32 negatives).
MISC 5. Unidentified (3 negatives).

C. Negative Proof Sheets.

BOX 12
f.1 Negative Proof Sheets, A1-A10.
f.2 Negative Proof Sheets, A11-A17.
f.3 Negative Proof Sheets, A18-A25.
f.4 Negative Proof Sheets, A26-A31.
f.5 Negative Proof Sheets, A32-A39.
f.6 Negative Proof Sheets, A41-A47.
f.7 Negative Proof Sheets, A48-A56.
f.8 Negative Proof Sheets, A57-A67.
f.9 Negative Proof Sheets, A68-A87.
f.10 Negative Proof Sheets, A100-A113.
f.11 Negative Proof Sheets, A114-A121.
f.12 Negative Proof Sheets, A127-A135.
f.13 Negative Proof Sheets, A136-A145.
f.14 Negative Proof Sheets, A151-A166.
f.15 Negative Proof Sheets, A167-A180.
f.16 Negative Proof Sheets, A182-A192.
f.17 Negative Proof Sheets, A193-A199.
f.18 Negative Proof Sheets, A200-A209.
f.19 Negative Proof Sheets, A210-A218(A).
f.20 Negative Proof Sheets, A219-A228.
f.21 Negative Proof Sheets, A229-A252.
f.22 Negative Proof Sheets, A253-A268.
f.23 Negative Proof Sheets, A269-A281.
f.24 Negative Proof Sheets, A283-A292.
f.25 Negative Proof Sheets, A293-A302.
f.26 Negative Proof Sheets, A303-A312..
BOX 13
f.1 Negative Proof Sheets, A313-A321.
f.2 Negative Proof Sheets, A322-A330.
f.3 Negative Proof Sheets, A331-A340.
f.4 Negative Proof Sheets, A341-A354.
f.5 Negative Proof Sheets, A355-A364.
f.6 Negative Proof Sheets, A365-A374.
f.7 Negative Proof Sheets, A376-A390.
f.8 Negative Proof Sheets, A391-A402.
f.9 Negative Proof Sheets, A403-A412.
f.10 Negative Proof Sheets, A413-A425.
f.11 Negative Proof Sheets, A426-A436.
f.12 Negative Proof Sheets, A437-A449.
f.13 Negative Proof Sheets, A450-A459.
f.14 Negative Proof Sheets, A460-A468.
f.15 Negative Proof Sheets, A469-A480.
f.16 Negative Proof Sheets, A481-A490.
f.17 Negative Proof Sheets, A491-A499.
f.18 Negative Proof Sheets, A500-A508.
f.19 Negative Proof Sheet, A508-A518.
f.20 Negative Proof Sheets, A519-A528.
f.21 Negative Proof Sheets, A529-A539.
f.22 Negative Proof Sheets, A541-A549.
f.23 Negative Proof Sheets, A550-A560.
f.24 Negative Proof Sheets, A561-A570.
BOX 14
f.1 Negative Proof Sheets, A571-A580.
f.2 Negative Proof Sheets, A581-A590.
f.3 Negative Proof Sheets, A591-A600.
f.4 Negative Proof Sheets, A601-A611.
f.5 Negative Proof Sheets, A612-A620.
f.6 Negative Proof Sheets, A622-A632.
f.7 Negative Proof Sheets, A633-A642.
f.8 Negative Proof Sheets, A643-A652.
f.9 Negative Proof Sheets, A653-A662.
f.10 Negative Proof Sheets, A663-A673.
f.11 Negative Proof Sheets, A674-A683.
f.12 Negative Proof Sheets, A684-A692.
f.13 Negative Proof Sheets, A693-A699.
f.14 Negative Proof Sheets, A700-A707.
f.15 Negative Proof Sheets, A708-A716.
f.16 Negative Proof Sheets, A717-A725.
f.17 Negative Proof Sheets, A726-A736.
f.18 Negative Proof Sheets, A737-A747.
f.19 Negative Proof Sheets, A748-A758.
f.20 Negative Proof Sheets, A759-A768.
f.21 Negative Proof Sheets, A769-A778.
f.22 Negative Proof Sheets, A778-A786.
f.23 Negative Proof Sheets, A787-A790.

D. Color Transparencies, arranged by subject

BOX 15
f.1 Fishing tackle.
f.2 Flies and fly fishing.
f.3 Freshwater fish.
f.4 Game birds and animals.
f.5 Guns and hunting.
f.6 Miscellaneous: baked beans, Winchester photos, cookbooks, bannock, sourdough, fruit, vegetables.
f.7 Saltwater fish.
f.8 Studio set-up shots.
f.9 Venison.

E. Slides, arranged alphabetically by subject [A-Z] (each e# represents a sheet of slides)

BOX 16
f.1 e.1-e.5:
e.1 Africa (20 slides)
e.2 Africa (20 slides)
e.3 Africa (20 slides)
e.4 Bass (15 slides)
e.5 Bass (20 slides)
f.2 e.6-e.10:
e.6 Bass (20 slides)
e.7 Bass (20 slides)
e.8 Bass (20 slides)
e.9 Bears (15 slides)
e.10 Belize (19 slides)

f.3 e.11-e.15:
e.11 Belize (20 slides)
e.12 Belize (17 slides)
e.13 Belize (18 slides)
e.14 Bermuda (18 slides)
e.15 Bermuda (18 slides)
f.4 e.16-e.20:
e.16 Bermuda (20 slides)
e.17 Bluegills (19 slides)
e.18 Boats (11 slides)
e.19 Boating (20 slides)
e.20 Bonefish (18 slides)
f.5 e.21-e.25:
e.21 Catfish (20 slides).
e.22 Catfish (4 slides).
e.23 Chile (20 slides).
e.24 Chile (20 slides).
e.25 Chile (20 slides).
f.6 e.26-e.30:
e.26 Chile (17 slides).
e.27 Coors shoot, 1980 (20 slides).
e.28 Coors shoot, 1984 (15 slides).
e.29 Crayfish (12 slides).
e.30 Deer (20 slides).
f.7 e.31-e.35:
e.31 Deer (12 slides).
e.32 Deer hunting (20 slides).
e.33 Deer hunting (19 slides).
e.34 Deer hunting (17 slides).
e.35 Deer hunting (5 slides).
f.8 e.36-e.40:
e.36 Deer pens (19 slides).
e.37 Dogs (20 slides).
e.38 Dogs (10 slides).
e.39 Dogs (19 slides).
e.40 Dove hunting (15 slides).
f.9 e.41-e.45:
e.41 Duck (19 slides).
e.42 Duck hunting (19 slides).
e.43 Family (dad’s pictures) (17 slides).
e.44 Family (20 slides).
e.45 Family (16 slides).
f.10 e.46-e.50:
e.46 Family (20 slides).
e.47 Family (14 slides).
e.48 Family (20 slides).
e.49 Family (20 slides).
e.50 Family reunion, 1978 (20 slides).
f.11 e.51-e.55:
e.51 Fauna (8 slides)
e.52 Fauna (20 slides).
e.53 Fauna (20 slides).
e.54 Fauna (20 slides).
e.55 Fish carvings (19 slides).
f.12 e.56-e.60:
e.56 Fish carvings (19 slides).
e.57 Fish carvings (5 slides).
e.58 Fishing scenes (20 slides).
e.59 Fishing scenic (15 slides)
e.60 Flora (12 slides).
f.13 e.61-e.65:
e.61 Flora (14 slides)
e.62 Flora (20 slides)
e.63 Flora (20 slides)
e.64 Fly fishing (14 slides)
e.65 Fly fishing (20 slides)
BOX 17
f.1 e.66-e.70:
e.66 Fly fishing (20 slides).
e.67 Fly fishing (19 slides).
e.68 Fly fishing (20 slides).
e.69 Fly fishing (20 slides).
e.70 Fly fishing (8 slides).
f.2 e.71-e.75:
e.71 Freshwater fishing (4 slides).
e.72 Freshwater fishing (20 slides).
e.73 Freshwater fishing locations (19 slides).
e.74 Freshwater fishing locations – Canada (20 slides).
e.75 Freshwater fish – misc. (20 slides).
f.3 e.76-e.80:
e.76 Freshwater fish – misc. (17 slides).
e.77 Freshwater fish – misc. (19 slides).

e.78 Freshwater fish – misc. (Canadian) (18 slides).
e.79 Freshwater fish – misc. (Canadian) (13 slides).
e.80 Freshwater tackle (7 slides).
f.4 e.81-e.85:
e.81 Freshwater tackle (20 slides).
e.82 Freshwater tackle (17 slides).
e.83 Geese (15 slides).
e.84 Grayling (14 slides).
e.85 Grayling (20 slides).
f.5 e.86-e.90:
e.86 Green River, 1988 (20 slides).
e.87 Green River, 12/88 (20 slides).
e.88 Green River, 1988 (5 slides).
e.89 Green River, 12/88 (20 slides).
e.90 Green River, 1990 (20 slides).
f.6 e.91-e.95:
e.91 Grouse (16 slides).
e.92 Grouse hunting (20 slides).
e.93 Grouse hunting (10 slides).
e.94 Grouse hunting (19 slides).
e.95 Grouse hunting (20 slides).
f.7 e.96-e.100:
e.96 Guns – trading (10 slides).
e.97 Handguns (10 slides).
e.98 Hunting scenes (20 slides).
e.99 Hunting scenes (15 slides).
e.100 Hunting scenes (19 slides).
f.8 e.101-e.105:
e.101 Hunting scenes (16 slides).
e.102 Ice storm (18 slides).
e.103 Lake trout (20 slides).
e.104 Lake trout (5 slides).
e.105 Lake trout (20 slides).
f.9 e.106-e.110:
e.106 Mayflies – trout flies (real) (19 slides).
e.107 Mayflies – trout flies (real) (19 slides).
e.108 Mayflies – trout flies (real) (11 slides).
e.109 Middleton plantation (12 slides).
e.110 Misc. (6 slides).
f.10 e.111-e.115:
e.111 Misc. (19 slides).
e.112 Misc. (19 slides).
e.113 Moose (16 slides).
e.114 Muskies (20 slides).
e.115 Muskies (12 slides).

f.11 e.116-e.120:
e.116 Nimmo Bay (20 slides).
e.117 Nimmo Bay (20 slides).
e.118 Nimmo Bay cohos – pinks (18 slides).
e.119 North Carolina (19 slides).
e.120 Northern pike (19 slides).
f.12 e.121-e.125:
e.121 Northern pike (17 slides).
e.122 Northern pike (20 slides).
e.123 Pacific salmon (20 slides).
e.124 Pacific salmon (19 slides).
e.125 Pacific salmon (8 slides).
f.13 e.126-e.130:
e.126 Panfish (20 slides).
e.127 Panfish (10 slides).
e.128 Panfish (19 slides).
e.129 People (7 slides).
e.130 Pheasant (19 slides).
BOX 18
f.1 e.131-e.135:
e.131 Pheasant (19).
e.132 Pheasant – driven hunt and other. (20).
e.133 Pheasant hunting (15).
e.134 Pheasant hunting (12).
e.135 Pheasant hunting (20).
f.2 e.136-e.140:
e.136 Pheasant hunting (20).
e.137 Pheasant hunting (20).
e.138 Pollution (11 slides).
e.139 Quail hunting (9 slides).
e.140 Quail hunting (19 slides).
f.3 e.141-e.145:
e.141 Quail hunting (17 slides).
e.142 Quail hunting (20 slides).
e.143 Quebec City (10 slides).
e.144 Rabbit hunting (7 slides).
e.145 Rifles (20 slides).
f.4 e.146-e.150:
e.146 Rifles (19 slides).
e.147 Rifles (20 slides).
e.147(A) Rifles (5 slides).
e.148 Russia (13 slides).
e.149 Russia (18 slides).
e.150 Russia (16 slides).
f.5 e.151-e.155:
e.151 Russia (20 slides).
e.152 Russia (20 slides).
e.153 Russia (20 slides).
e.154 Salmon fishing locations. (20 slides).
e.155 Salmon fishing locations (14 slides).
f.6 e.156-e.160:
e.156 Salmon fishing locations – Labrador (20).
e.157 Salmon fishing locations – Labrador (6).
e.158 Salmon fishing locations – Labrador (9).
e.159 Salmon fishing locations – Labrador (20).
e.160 Salmon fishing locations – ME (19).
f.7 e.161-e.165:
e.161 Salmon fishing locations – ME (18).
e.162 Salmon fishing locations – NB (New Brunswick) (19).
e.163 Salmon fishing locations – NB (20).
e.164 Salmon fishing locations – NB (20).
e.165 Salmon fishing locations – NB (17).
f.8 e.166-e.170:
e.166 Salmon fishing locations – NB (6).
e.167 Salmon fishing locations – NB (18).
e.168 Salmon fishing locations – NS (Nova Scotia) (18).
e.169 Salmon fishing locations – Quebec. (19).
e.170 Salmon fishing locations – Quebec. (20).
f.9 e.171-e.175:
e.171 Salmon fishing locations – Quebec (20).
e.172 Salmon fishing locations – Quebec (20).
e.173 Salmon fishing locations – Quebec (20).
e.174 Salmon flies and tackle (18).
e.175 Salmon flies and tackle (20).
f.10 e.176-e.180:
e.176 Salmon flies and tackle. (8).
e.177 Salmon flies and tackle. (20).
e.178 Salmon flies and tackle. (20).
e.179 Salmon flies and tackle. (20).
e.180 Salmon – holding (20).
f.11 e.181-e.185:
e.181 Salmon – holding (20).
e.182 Salmon – holding (19).
e.183 Salmon – holding (20).
e.184 Salmon – jumping (14).
e.185 Salmon – jumping (18).
f.12 e.186-e.190:
e.186 Salmon – portraits (13 slides).
e.187 Salmon – portraits (20 slides).
e.188 Salmon – portraits (20 slides).
e.189 Salmon – portraits (20 slides).
e.190 Saltwater fishing (19 slides).
f.13 e.191-e.195:
e.191 Saltwater fishing (11 slides).
e.192 Saltwater fishing (18 slides).
e.193 Saltwater fish misc. (20 slides).
e.194 Saltwater fish misc. (20 slides).
e.195 Saltwater fish misc. (20 slides).
BOX 19
f.1 e.196-e.200:
e.196 Saltwater fish misc. (19 slides).
e.197 Saltwater fish misc. (20 slides).
e.198 Saltwater fish misc. (18 slides).
e.199 Saltwater flies and tackle (3 slides).
e.200 Saltwater flies and tackle (20 slides).
f.2 e.201-e.205:
e.201 Saltwater locations. (18 slides).
e.202 Scenics (13 slides).
e.203 Scenics (20 slides).
e.204 Sea trout (3 slides).
e.205 Shad. (15).
f.3 e.206-e.210:
e.206 Shad (20 slides).
e.207 Shooting (14 slides).
e.208 Shotguns (18 slides).
e.209 Shotguns (19 slides).
e.210 Spruce Creek property (13 slides).
f.4 e.211-e.215:
e.211 Spruce Creek property (18 slides).
e.212 Squirrel (8 slides).
e.213 Stripers (5 slides).
e.214 Stripers (20 slides).
e.215 Stripers (20 slides).
f.5 e.216-e.220:
e.216 Tarpon (20 slides).
e.217 Tarpon (18 slides).
e.218 Tarpon (5 slides).
e.219 Trout – brook (20 slides).
e.220 Trout – brook (20 slides).
f.6 e.221-e.225:
e.221 Trout – brook (20 slides).
e.222 Trout – brook (20 slides).
e.223 Trout – brook (20 slides).
e.224 Trout – brook (20 slides).
e.225 Trout – brown (20 slides).
f.7 e.226-e.230:
e.226 Trout – brown (20 slides).
e.227 Trout – brown (20 slides).
e.228 Trout – brown (20 slides).
e.229 Trout – brown (20 slides).
e.230 Trout – brown (19 slides).
f.8 e.231-e.235:
e.231 Trout – brown (18 slides).
e.232 Trout – brown (15 slides).
e.233 Trout – brown (19 slides).
e.234 Trout – brown (12 slides).
e.235 Trout feathers (20).
f.9 e.236-e.240:
e.236 Trout flies (20 slides).
e.237 Trout flies (20 slides).
e.238 Trout flies (20 slides).
e.239 Trout flies (20 slides).
e.240 Trout flies (19 slides).
f.10 e.241-e.245:
e.241 Trout flies (5 slides).
e.242 Trout – hook remove (20 slides).
e.243 Trout – rainbow (5 slides).
e.244 Trout – rainbow (20 slides).
e.245 Trout – rainbow (20 slides).
f.11 e.246-e.250:
e.246 Trout – rainbow (20 slides).
e.247 Trout tackle (9 slides).
e.248 Trout tackle antique (20 slides).
e.249 Turkey (20 slides).
e.250 Turkey (16 slides).
f.12 e.251-e.255:
e.251 Walleye (6 slides).
e.252 Walleye (20 slides).
e.253 Weakfish (16 slides).
e.254 Woodcock (20 slides).
e.255 Loose slides (15 slides).

f.13 Slides and transparencies used in Atlantic Salmon Fishing, with a letter from the publisher.

V. Oversized Material

Item 1 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Bulletin, 10/1981-02/1982.
Item 2 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1975.
Item 3 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1976.
Item 4 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1977.
Item 5 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1978.
Item 6 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1979.
Item 7 Scrapbook of Jim Bashline articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1980.
Item 8 Printed photograph, “Bobwhites Bursting Out” taken by Nick Sisley. Photo shows Jim Bashline shooting at grouse.
Item 9 Printed photograph of Jim Bashline with caught fish.
f.1 60 minute audio interviews on CD, conducted by Jim Bashline. Interviewees: Art Flick, Charlie Fox, Poul Jorgenson, Lefty Kreh, Vince Mariano, Ernie Schwiebert, Sam Slaymaker, and Joan Wulff (8 CDs total).

Video Cassettes: Outdoorsman Demo Cassettes, 1980, numbers 28, 59, 60, 62, 63; “Dog Training,” “Gun Collecting,” “Into the Open Air,” “Outdoor Profiles.” (9 videos total).
“Glen Law Tape” 16mm Film.

“Unlabeled 3M Scotch Video Tape”.