Updated: Library resources affected by federal government shutdown

Posted October 1, 2013

Due to a lack of continued funding for the US federal government, a number of library resources are currently unavailable. Updated 10/8/13

Here is a partial list:

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis (bea.gov)
  • Business.gov
  • Census sites
  • Classification Web and ProQuest Congressional may be affected by lack of updating
  • Copyright.gov
  • Data.gov
  • Davis - Bacon Wage Determination Decisions
  • Disability.gov
  • ERIC (eric.ed.gov)
  • FCC.gov
  • FTC.gov
  • Library of Congress (loc.gov)
  • Most US Geological Survey sites except those for hazards
  • NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA) (ProQuest’s AGRICOLA is still accessible, but may be affected by lack of updating)
  • NASA.gov
  • National Park Service (nps.gov)
  • NIMH.gov
  • NIST.gov
  • NOAA.gov is offline but you can still get to weather.gov, NSF.gov, Nutrition.gov, and USDA (usda.gov)
  • Patent and Trademark Database (U.S.): Federal government interface – operating on reserve funds, then possibly shutting down
  • Science.gov
  • US Government Information Official Archive (FDsys)

More information about government services during the shutdown is available from USA.gov.