Library now hiring for fall 2014

July 17, 2014

The Library is now has completed hiring for fall, 2014.

Our summer starting rate is $8.00 an hour. We typically offer raises to students who return to work for us each academic year.

Successful candidates should:

  • Be eligible for the Federal Work/Study program
  • Have library or related experience (retail, office, bookstore, or food service)
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Deal effectively and courteously with the public
  • Be able to lift, reach, grasp, kneel, climb on step stools, bend, and push/pull possible heavy (up to 325lbs) book carts to move items around the various library buildings
  • Complete all pages of the application thoroughly and accurately

The UNH Library has positions for student employment in various departments within the library. In addition to Dimond Library, the main library, there are four branch libraries located on campus and a library storage building located on the edge of campus.



I am very interested in this position. I am eligible for a work study position, and will be attending UNH as a freshman in September. I currently work in retail so I have some related background knowledge. I am also an avid reader who would take pride in being able to work in the library. I really hope you will consider me for this position!

Thank you,
Kerri Kelleher

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Thanks for your interest, Kerri! I've forwarded on your comment to those coordinating hiring.

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