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May - Physics Library

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A brief history of string theory : from dual models to M- theory / Dean Rickles

A practical guide to handling laser diode beams / Haiyin Sun

A student's guide through the great physics texts / Kerry Kuehn
New York : Springer Science+Business Media, ©2015-

An introduction to space plasma complexity / Tom Tien Sun Chang Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Black holes : thermodynamics, information, and firewalls / Robert B. Mann

Introduction to the physics of matter : basic atomic, molecular, and solid-state physics / Nicola Manini

Magnetotails in the solar system / Andreas Keiling Caitríona M Jackman Peter A Delamere editors

Physical implementation of quantum walks / Kia Manouchehri, Jingbo Wang

Post-Planck cosmology : École de physique des Houches, session C, 8 July-2 August 2013 / edited by Cédric Deffayet, Patrick Peter, Benjamin Wandelt, Matías Zaldarriaga, and Leticia F. Cugliandolo

Progress in high-efficient solution process organic photovoltaic devices : fundamentals, materials, devices and fabrication / Yang Yang, Gang Li, editors