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March - Physics Library

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Astrophysics Is Easy! : An Introduction for the Amateur Astronomer / Michael Inglis

Atom Interferometry = Interferometria atomica / edited by = a cura di G.M. Tino and M.A. Kasevich

Atoms, molecules and optical physics / Ingolf V. Hertel, Claus-Peter Schulz

Climate change 2014 : impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability : Working Group II contribution to the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change / edited by Christopher B. Field, Vicente R. Barros [and 14 others]

Conductors, semiconductors, superconductors : an introduction to solid state physics / Rudolf P. Huebener
Cham : Springer, c2015

Galactic and intergalactic magnetic fields / Ulrich Klein Andrew Fletcher

High temperature superconductivity : the road to higher critical temperature / Shin-ichi Uchida

Introduction to modern dynamics : chaos networks space and time / David D Nolte

LHC phenomenology / Einan Gardi, Nigel Glover, Adrian Robson, editors

Modern thermodynamics : from heat engines to dissipative structures / Dilip Kondepudi Ilya Prigogine

New horizons for observational cosmology = Nuovi orizzonte per la cosmologia osservativa / edited by A. Cooray, E. Komatsu, A. Melchiorri, directors of the course, and L. Lamagna

Physics project lab / Paul Gluck, John King

Quantum field theory and the standard model / Matthew D Schwartz Harvard University

Rheophysics : matter in all its states / Philippe Coussot ; [foreword by Etienne Guyon, translated by Stephen Lyle]

Solar sails : a novel approach to interplanetary travel / Giovanni Vulpetti Les Johnson Gregory L Matloff