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November - Engineering, Math & CS Library

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A course in complex analysis and Riemann surfaces / Wilhelm Schlag

Advances in the homotopy analysis method / edited by Shijun Liao professor Shanghai Jiao Tong University China

An introduction to hydraulics of fine sediment transport / Ashish J Mehta

An introduction to Markov state models and their application to long timescale molecular simulation / Gregory R Bowman Vijay S Pande Frank Noé editors

An introduction to the representation theory of groups / Emmanuel Kowalski

Angle-of-arrival estimation using radar interferometry : methods and applications / E Jeff Holder

Asymptopia / Joel Spencer with Laura Florescu

Compactness and stability for nonlinear elliptic equations / Emmanuel Hebey

Computer organization and design : the hardware/software interface

Consider a spherical patent : IP and patenting in technology business / Joseph E Gortych

Cracking the coding interview : 150 programming interview questions and solutions / Gayle Laakmann McDowell
Palo Alto CA : CareerCup LLC, 2011

Differential characters / Christian Bär, Christian Becker
Cham [Switzerland] : Springer, c2014

Diffusion processes and stochastic calculus / Fabrice Baudoin

Electrical contacts : principles and applications / edited by Paul G Slade

Electron backscatter diffraction in materials science / Adam J. Schwartz [and three others], eds
New York : Springer, c2009

Engineering software as a service : an agile approach using cloud computing / Armando Fox and David Patterson [editor Samuel Joseph]

Finiteness properties of arithmetic groups acting on twin buildings / Stefan Witzel

Flow deformation and fracture : lectures on fluid mechanics and the mechanics of deformable solids for mathematicians and physicists / Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt ForMemRS Emeritus G I Taylor Professor of Fluid Mechanics University of Cambridge Emeritus Professor University of California Berkleley Principal Scientist Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences

Genetically engineered plants as a source of vaccines against wide spread diseases : an integrated view / Sergio Rosales-Mendoza editor
New York : Springer-Verlag, ©2014

Geometry of manifolds with non-negative sectional curvature / Owen Dearricott, Fernando Galaz-García, Lee Kennard, Catherine Searle, Gregor Weingart, Wolfgang Ziller ; editors: Rafael Herrera, Luis Hernández-Lamoneda

Geometry of meaning : semantics based on conceptual spaces / Peter Gärdenfors

Information assurance handbook : effective computer security and risk management strategies / Corey Schou, Steven Hernandez

JavaScript & jQuery : interactive front-end web development / Jon Duckett additional material by Gilles Ruppert & Jack Moore

Lectures on formal and rigid geometry / Siegfried Bosch
Cham, Switzerland : Springer Verlag, 2014

LEED reference guide for building design and construction

Linear and nonlinear rotordynamics : a modern treatment with applications / Yukio Ishida and Toshio Yamamoto
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, ©2012

Logic in games / Johan van Benthem

Low gain feedback / Zongli Lin
London ; New York : Springer, c1999

Mathematical modeling in chemical engineering / Anders Rasmuson Chalmers University of Technology Gothenberg Bengt Andersson Chalmers University of Technology Gothenberg Louise Olsson Chalmers University of Technology Gothenberg Ronnie Andersson Chalmers University of Technology Gothenberg

Mathematics and the real world : the remarkable role of evolution in the making of mathematics / by Zvi Artstein translated from Hebrewy by Alan Hercberg

Mobile robotics : mathematics models and methods / Alonzo Kelly Carnegie Mellon University

Multi-parameter singular integrals / Brian Street

Non-associative normed algebras / Miguel Cabrera García, Universidad de Granada, Ángel Rodriguez Palacios, Universidad de Granada

Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics : An Assessment of the Gothenburg 2010 Workshop / Lars Larsson, Frederick Stern, Michel Visonneau, editors

Oil spills and gas leaks : environmental response, prevention, and cost recovery / Stephen M. Testa, James A. Jacobs

Operator methods in wavelets, tilings, and frames / Veronika Furst, Keri A. Kornelson, Eric S. Weber, editors

Optimal transportation : theory and applications / edited by Yann Ollivier, Hervé Pajot, Cédric Villani

Pearls from a lost city : the Lvov school of mathematics / Roman Duda translated by Daniel Davies

Planning and control / Thomas L. Dean, Michael P. Wellman
Los Altos, Calif. : M. Kaufmann Publishers, ©1991

Practical augmented lagrangian methods for constrained optimization / E G Birgin University of São Paulo São Paulo SP Brazil J M Martínez State University of Campinas Campinas SP Brazil

Primer on engineering standards / Maan Jawad Owen R Greulich

Real and stochastic analysis : current trends / edited by M M Rao University of California at Riverside USA

Rheophysics : the deformation and flow of matter / Patrick Oswald ; translated by Doru Constantin
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014, ©2009

Seismic assessment of existing reinforced concrete buildings : new developments / editors, Kenneth J. Elwood, Jeff Dragovich, InSung Kim

Separation of molecules macromolecules and particles : principles phenomena and processes / Kamalesh K Sirkar New Jersey Institute of Technology

Structural concrete : a time to reflect : a symposium honoring James O. Jirsa's contributions, held at the ACI Spring 2012 Convention, Dallas, Texas, USA 18-22 March 2012 / editors, J.A. Pincheira, S.M. Alcocer

Structure analysis of advanced nanomaterials : nanoworld by high-resolution electron microscopy / Takeo Oku

Synthetic jets : fundamentals and applications / edited by Kamran Mohseni Rajat Mittal

Toward structural mechanics through wooden bridges in France (1716-1841) / Chiara Tardini

Tractability / edited by Lucas Bordeaux (Microsoft Research) Youssef Hamadi (Microsoft Research) Pushmeet Kohli (Microsoft Research)

Travaux de Gabber sur l'uniformisation locale et la cohomologie étale des schémas quasi-excellents : séminaire à l'École polytechnique 2006-2008 / dirigé par Luc Illusie, Yves Laszlo et Fabrice Orgogozo ; avec la collaboration de Frédéric Déglise, Alban Moreau, Vincent Pilloni, Michel Raynaud, Joël Riou, Benoît Stroh, Michael Temkin et Weizhe Zheng