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May - Chemistry Library

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Chemical physics of nanostructured semiconductors / Alexander I. Kokorin and Detlef W. Bahnemann
Utrecht ; Boston : VSP, 2003

Chemistry education : best practices, opportunities and trends / edited by Javier Garcia-Martínez and Elena Serrano-Torregrosa ; with a forward by Peter Atkins

Computer-based structure elucidation from spectral data : the art of solving problems / Mikhail E Elyashberg Antony J Williams

Deterministic kinetics in chemistry and systems biology : the dynamics of complex reaction networks / Gábor Lente

Handbook of coal analysis / James G. Speight

Hydrogen bonded supramolecular materials / Zhan-Ting Li Li-Zhu Wu editors

Smart wormlike micelles : design characteristics and applications / Yujun Feng Zonglin Chu Cécile A Dreiss

The chemistry of organogold compounds / edited by Zvi Rappoport, Joel F. Liebman, and Ilan Marek