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May - Biology, Zoology, Physiology, Microbiology

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A field guide to economics for conservationists / Brendan Fisher, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont, World Wildlife Fund, Robin Naidoo, World Wildlife Fund Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia, Taylor Ricketts, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont, Roberts and Company, Greenwood Village, Colorado

Abominable science! : origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and other famous cryptids / Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero

American alligator : ancient predator in the modern world / Kelby Ouchley

Common lichens of northeastern North America : a field guide / Troy McMullin and Frances Anderson ; illustrations by Judith Pennanen ; photography by Catherine Pross and Troy McMullin

Do zombies dream of undead sheep? : a neuroscientific view of the zombie brain / Timothy Verstynen & Bradley Voytek

In search of mechanisms : discoveries across the life sciences / Carl F Craver and Lindley Darden

Noble cows and hybrid zebras : essays on animals and history / Harriet Ritvo
Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2010

Stem cells : scientific facts and fiction / edited by Christine Mummery, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, Anja Van De Stolpe, formerly Hubrecht Institute, now Philips Research, The Netherlands, Bernard A.J. Roelen, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Hans Clevers, Hubrecht Institute, KNAW, and University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

Structural biomaterials / Julian Vincent
Princeton : Princeton University Press, ©2012

The alewives' tale : the life history and ecology of river herring in the Northeast / Barbara Brennessel

The amoeba in the room : lives of the microbes / Nicholas P Money

The custom-made brain : cerebral plasticity, regeneration, and enhancement / Jean-Didier Vincent and Pierre-Marie Lledo ; translated by Laurence Garey

The future of bioethics : international dialogues / edited by Akira Akabayashi
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2014

The passenger pigeon / Errol Fuller

Trees of western North America / Richard Spellenberg Christopher J Earle and Gil Nelson illustrations by David More edited by Amy K Hughes