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August - Biology, Zoology, Physiology, Microbiology

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A world in one cubic foot : portraits in biodiversity / David Liittschwager foreword by E O Wilson
Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2012

Interrelations between essential metal ions and human diseases / Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K.O. Sigel, editors

Out on a limb : what black bears taught me about intelligence and intuition / Benjamin Kilham

The future of the mind : the scientific quest to understand enhance and empower the mind / Dr Michio Kaku professor of Theoretical Physics City University of New York

The kid's guide to exploring nature / by the Children's Education Staff at Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Marilyn Smith, Ashley Gamell, and Sara Epstein ; with Patricia Hulse, Saara Nafici, David William Daly, Becky Beer Laboy, and Niall Dunne ; Sarah Schmidt, editor ; Laszlo Veres, illustrator

The myth of mirror neurons : the real neuroscience of communication and cognition / Gregory Hickok PhD

The NEURON book / Ted Carnvale, Michael Hines
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006

Trying biology : the Scopes trial textbooks and the antievolution movement in American schools / Adam R Shapiro

Was Hitler a Darwinian? : disputed questions in the history of evolutionary theory / Robert J Richards