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September - Economics

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Co-operative innovations in China and the West / edited by Caroline Gijselinckx Senior Researcher Department of Education and Training Flemish Government Belgium Li Zhao Researcher KU Leuven Belgium Sonja Novkovic Professor Saint Mary's University Canada

Complete guide to profitable meat management [by] Clifford G. Bowes
Boston, Cahners Books [1971-72]

Driving Honda : inside the world's most innovative car company / Jeffrey Rothfeder

Stress test : reflections on financial crises / Timothy F. Geithner

The American synthetic organic chemicals industry : war and politics 1910-1930 / Kathryn Steen

The American way of poverty : how the other half still lives / Sasha Abramsky

The boom : how fracking ignited the American energy revolution and changed the world / Russell Gold

The Great Depression in Latin America / Paulo Drinot and Alan Knight, editors

The Roman market economy / Peter Temin
Princeton : Princeton University Press, ©2013