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March - Political Science

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American anti-nuclear activism 1975-1990 : the challenge of peace / Kyle Harvey Department of Modern History Politics and International Relations Macquarie University Australia

Democratizing deliberation : a political theory anthology / Derek W.M. Barker, Nöëlle McAfee, and David W. McIvor, editors
Dayton, Ohio : Kettering Foundation Press, 2012

Groundbreakers : how Obama's 2.2 million volunteers transformed campaigning in America / Elizabeth McKenna, Hahrie Han ; foreword by Jeremy Bird

Lucy Stone : an unapologetic life / Sally G McMillen

The politics of information : problem definition and the course of public policy in America / Frank R Baumgartner and Bryan D Jones

The rationalizing voter / Milton Lodge Stony Brook University Charles S Taber Stony Brook University
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013

The stronghold : how Republicans captured Congress but surrendered the White House / Thomas F. Schaller

Trust in international cooperation : international security institutions domestic politics and American multilateralism / Brian C Rathbun
Cambridge UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012

Underdog politics : the minority party in the U S House of Representatives / Matthew N Green