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October - History

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A company man : the remarkable French-Atlantic voyage of a clerk for the Company of the Indies : a memoir / by Marc-Antoine Caillot ; edited and with an introduction by Erin M. Greenwald ; translated by Teri F. Chalmers

American Egyptologist : the life of James Henry Breasted and the creation of his Oriental Institute / Jeffrey Abt
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2011

Anatolian images / Toni M. Cross ; edited by Charles Gates and Patricia W. Ülkü ; graphics edited by Ben Claasz Coockson

Death from the skies : how the British and Germans survived bombing in World War II / Dietmar Süss translated by Lesley Sharpe and Jeremy Noakes

Disobeying Hitler : German resistance after Valkyrie / Randall Hansen

Fear itself : the New Deal and the origins of our time / Ira Katznelson
New York : Liveright Publishing, 2014

Graffiti and the literary landscape in Roman Pompeii / Kristina Milnor
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

Irish nationalists and the making of the Irish race / Bruce Nelson
Princeton N J : Princeton University Press, ©2012

July Crisis : the world's descent into war summer 1914 / T G Otte

Kill anything that moves : the real American war in Vietnam / Nick Turse
New York : Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Co, ©2013

Loathing Lincoln : an American tradition from the Civil War to the present / John McKee Barr

Making Italian America : consumer culture and the production of ethnic identities / edited by Simone Cinotto

My life as a foreign country / Brian Turner

New Israel New England : Jews and Puritans in early America / Michael Hoberman
Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, ©2011

None braver : U.S. Air Force pararescuemen in the War on Terrorism / Michael Hirsh
New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : NAL Caliber, [2004], c2003

Seven summers : a naturalist homesteads in the modern West / Julia Corbett

Shifting grounds : nationalism and the American South 1848-1865 / Paul Quigley
New York : Oxford University Press, 2011

Stuck in place : urban neighborhoods and the end of progress toward racial equality / Patrick Sharkey
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2013

The Cambridge companion to the Italian Renaissance / edited by Michael Wyatt

The disappearing mestizo : configuring difference in the colonial new kingdom of Granada / Joanne Rappaport

The Elizabethan secret services / Alan Haynes
Stroud, Gloucestershire : History Press, 2009

The Franco-Americans of New England : a history / Armand Chartier ; translated by Robert J. Lemieux and Claire Quintal ; revised and edited by Claire Quintal
Manchester, NH : ACA Assurance ; Worcester, MA : Institut français of Assumption College, 1999

The invisible front : love and loss in an era of endless war / Yochi Dreazen

The long shadow : the legacies of the Great War in the twentieth century / David Reynolds

The short and tragic life of Robert Peace : a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League / Jeff Hobbs

The Thirty Years War / Stephen J. Lee
London [England] ; New York : Routledge, 1991

The time of illusion / Jonathan Schell
New York : Vintage Books, 1976, ©1975

The transformation of the world : a global history of the nineteenth century / Jurgen Osterhammel

The war that ended peace : the road to 1914 / Margaret MacMillan

The wars of Reconstruction : the brief violent history of America's most progressive era / Douglas R Egerton

Views of the Cordilleras and monuments of the indigenous peoples of the Americas : a critical edition / Alexander von Humboldt edited with an introduction by Vera M Kutzinski and Ottmar Ette translated by J Ryan Poynter with annotations by Giorleny D Altamirano Rayo and Tobias Kraft