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March - Philosophy

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Consciousness / Josh Weisberg

Descartes and the first Cartesians / Roger Ariew

Epistemic entitlement : the right to believe / Hannes Ole Matthiessen

Feed-forward : on the future of twenty-first-century media / Mark B N Hansen

From sky and earth to metaphysics / Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, editor

Hayek on Mill : the Mill-Taylor friendship and related writings / edited by Sandra J. Peart

Hume / Don Garrett

Minds without meanings : an essay on the content of concepts / Jerry A Fodor and Zenon W Pylyshyn

On romantic love : simple truths about a complex emotion / Berit Brogaard

Sartre : a philosophical biography / Thomas R Flynn

Schleiermacher : Christmas dialogue, the Second speech, and other selections / edited, translated, and with an introduction by Julia A. Lamm

Self-knowledge for humans / Quassim Cassam

Socrates and Athens / David M. Johnson
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, ©2011

The deepest human life : an introduction to philosophy for everyone / Scott Samuelson

The devil wins : a history of lying from the Garden of Eden to the Enlightenment / Dallas G Denery II

The limits of matter : chemistry, mining, and Enlightenment / Hjalmar Fors

The paradox of generosity : giving we receive grasping we lose / Christian Smith Hilary Davidson

The pleasures of reason in Plato Aristotle and the Hellenistic hedonists / James Warren

Who lives who dies who decides? : abortion neonatal care assisted dying and capital punishment / Sheldon Ekland- Olson