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September - Philosophy

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Defending the correspondence theory of truth / Joshua Rasmussen

Evaluating emotions / Eva-Maria Düringer University of Tübingen Germany

From field to fork : food ethics for everyone / Paul B Thompson

Philosophy : all that matters / Julian Baggini
London : Hodder Education, 2012

Philosophy between the lines : the lost history of esoteric writing / Arthur M Melzer

Self-consciousness and the critique of the subject : Hegel Heidegger and the poststructuralists / Simon Lumsden

The point of view of the universe : Sidgwick and contemporary ethics / Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer

The problem of animal pain : a theodicy for all creatures great and small / Trent Dougherty Baylor University USA

The robust demands of the good : ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect / Philip Pettit

Wittgenstein : opening investigations / Michael Luntley