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May - Mathematics and Computer Science

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Algorithmic arithmetic, geometry, and coding theory : 14th International Conference, Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography, and Coding Theory, June 3-7 2013, CIRM, Marseille, France / Stéphane Ballet, Marc Perret, Alexey Zaytsev, editors

Boosted statistical relational learners : from benchmarks to data-driven medicine / Sriraam Natarajan, Kristian Kersting, Tushar Khot, Jude Shavlik

Common core sense : tapping the power of the mathematical practices / Christine Moynihan

Everyday calculus : discovering the hidden math all around us / Oscar E. Fernandez

Geometry, groups and dynamics : ICTS program : groups, geometry and dynamics, December 3-16, 2012, CEMS, Kumaun University, Almora, India / C.S. Aravinda [and 5 others], editors

How to count : an introduction to combinatorics and its applications / Robert A. Beeler

Infinite products of operators and their applications : a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation : May 21-24, 2012, Haifa, Israel : Israel Mathematical Conference proceedings / Simeon Reich, Alexander J. Zaslavski, editors

Invariant subspaces of the shift operator : CRM Workshop, Invariant Subspaces of the Shift Operator, August 26-30, 2013, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Université de Montréal, Montréal : Centre de Recherches Mathématiques proceedings / Javad Mashreghi, Emmanuel Fricain, William Ross, editors

Lectures on the energy critical nonlinear wave equation / Carlos E. Kenig

Making number talks matter : developing mathematical practices and deepening understanding, grades 4-10 / Cathy Humphreys & Ruth Parker ; foreword by Jo Boaler

Mathematical models of viscous friction / Paolo Buttà, Guido Cavallaro, Carlo Marchioro

Multiprocessor scheduling for real-time systems / Sanjoy Baruah, Marko Bertogna, Giorgio Buttazzo

My avatar, my self : identity in video role-playing games / Zach Waggoner
Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, ©2009

New challenges for data design / David Bihanic editor

Nonlinear wave equations : analytic and computational techniques : AMS Special Session, Nonlinear Waves and Integrable Systems : April 13-14, 2013, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO / Christopher W. Curtis, Anton Dzhamay, Willy A. Hereman, Barbara Prinari, editors

Physical implementation of quantum walks / Kia Manouchehri, Jingbo Wang

Python for biologists : write your own software, become more productive, and take control of your research / Martin Jones

Recent advances in algebraic geometry : a volume in honor of Rob Lazarsfeld's 60th birthday / edited by Christopher D. Hacon, Mircea Mustață, Mihnea Popa

The Abel Prize 2008-2012 / Helge Holden, Ragni Piene, editors

The Bloch-Kato conjecture for the Riemann zeta function / edited by John Coates, A. Raghuram, Anupan Saikia, and R. Sujatha

The new math : a political history / Christopher J Phillips

Time series with mixed spectra / Ta-Hsin Li