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January - Mathematics and Computer Science

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A guide to functional analysis / Steven G Krantz Washington University in St Louis

A statistical guide for the ethically perplexed / Lawrence J. Hubert, Howard Wainer

Advances in structured operator theory and related areas : the Leonid Lerer anniversary volume / Marinus A. Kaashoek, Leiba Rodman, Hugo J. Woerdman, editors

Algebraic and geometric ideas in the theory of discrete optimization / Jesús A De Loera University of California at Davis Davis California Raymond Hemmecke Technische Universität München München Germany Matthias Köppe University of California at Davis Davis California

An introduction to inverse limits with set-valued functions / W T Ingram
New York NY : Springer, c2012

Combinatorial game theory / Aaron N Siegel

Compactness and contradiction / Terence Tao

Complex analysis / Joaquim Bruna, Juliŕ Cufí ; translated from the Catalan by Ignacio Monreal

Difference sets : connecting algebra combinatorics and geometry / Emily H Moore Harriet S Pollatsek

Distribution theory : convolution, fourier transform, and laplace transform / Gerrit van Dijk

Examples in Markov decision processes / A.B. Piunovskiy
London : Imperial College Press, c2013

Fermat's last theorem : basic tools / Takeshi Saito ; translated from the Japanese by Masato Kuwata

Functional equations on hypergroups / László Székelyhidi
Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2013

Fundamentals of mathematical analysis / Paul J Sally Jr

Generalized linear mixed models : modern concepts, methods and applications / Walter W. Stroup

Generalized ordinary differential equations : not absolutely continuous solutions / Jaroslav Kurzweil
Singapore ; Hackensack N J : World Scientific, c2012

Generalized solutions of operator equations and extreme elements / D.A. Klyushin ... [et al.]
New York : Springer, c2012

Global solution curves for semilinear elliptic equations / Philip Korman
Singapore ; Hackensack NJ : World Scientific, c2012

Graphical models with R / Sřren Hřjsgaard David Edwards Steffen Lauritzen
New York ; London : Springer, c2012

Handbook of optimization in complex networks : theory and applications / My T Thai Panos M Pardalos editors
New York NY : Springer, c2012

Handbook on semidefinite conic and polynomial optimization / Miguel F Anjos Jean B Lasserre editors
New York : Springer Science+Business Media, c2012

Hodge theory, complex geometry, and representation theory / Mark Green, Phillip Griffiths, Matt Kerr

Inference for functional data with applications / Lajos Horváth Piotr Kokoszka
New York N Y : Springer Verlag, c2012

Infinitesimal geometry of quasiconformal and bi-Lipschitz mappings in the plane / Bogdan Bojarski Vladimir Gutlyanskii Olli Martio Vladimir Ryazanov

Interval-censored time-to-event data : methods and applications / edited by Ding-Geng Chen, Jianguo Sun, Karl E. Peace
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2013

Introduction to linear algebra with applications / James DeFranza, Daniel Gagliardi
Boston : McGraw-Hill/Higher Education, c2009

Introduction to smooth ergodic theory / Luis Barreira Yakov Pesin

Introductory lectures on knot theory : selected lectures presented at the Advanced School and Conference on Knot Theory and Its Applications to Physics and Biology ICTP Trieste Italy 11 - 29 May 2009 / editors Louis H Kauffman [et al ]
Singapore ; Hackensack NJ : World Scientific, c2012

Invariance entropy for deterministic control systems : an introduction / Christoph Kawan
Cham [Switzerland] : Springer, c2013

Invitation to a mathematical festival / Ivan Yashchenko ; translated by Anna Fedorova ; translation edited by Tatiana Shubin and Silvio Levy


Kernel smoothing in MATLAB : theory and practice of Kernel smoothing / Ivanka Horová Jan Kolá?ek Ji?í Zelinka
Singapore : World Scientific Pub Co, c2012

L E J Brouwer : topologist intuitionist philosopher how mathematics is rooted in life / by Dirk van Dalen
London : Springer, 2013

La formule des traces tordue d'aprčs le Friday Morning Seminar / Jean-Pierre Labesse, Jean-Loup Waldspurger

Learning modern algebra : from early attempts to prove Fermat's last theorem / Al Cuoco and Joseph J. Rotman
Washington, DC : Mathematical Association of America, c2013

Least squares data fitting with applications / Per Christian Hansen Víctor Pereyra Godela Scherer
Baltimore Md : Johns Hopkins University Press, c2013

Lectures on the theory of pure motives / Jacob P. Murre, Jan Nagel, Chris A. M. Peters

Local function spaces heat and Navier-Stokes equations / Hans Triebel

Local times and excursion theory for Brownian motion : a tale of Wiener and Itô measures / Ju-Yi Yen, Marc Yor
Cham : Springer, 2013

MATLAB : a practical introduction to programming and problem solving / Stormy Attaway
Waltham, MA : Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, c2013

Matrix theory / Xingzhi Zhan

Neural and adaptive systems : fundamentals through simulations / José C. Principe, Neil R. Euliano, W. Curt Lefebvre
New York : Wiley, c2000

Nonlinear structural mechanics : theory, dynamical phenomena and modeling / Walter Lacarbonara
New York [etc.] : Springer, 2013

Optimal control of ODEs and DAEs / Matthias Gerdts
Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, c2012

Principles of mathematical analysis / Walter Rudin
New York : McGraw-Hill, c1976

Probability and stochastic modeling / Vladimir I. Rotar

Recent advances in real complexity and computation : UIMP -RSME Lluis Santaló Summer School 2012, recent advances in real complexity and computation, July 16-20, 2012, Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Santander, Spain / José Luis Montańa, Luis M. Pardo, editors

Separable type representations of matrices and fast algorithms / Yuli Eidelman, Israel Gohberg, Iulian Haimovici

Stochastic systems : uncertainty, quantification, and propagation / Mircea Grigoriu

The dynamics of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations with small Lévy noise / Arnaud Debussche, Michael Högele, Peter Imkeller
Cham [Switzerland] : Springer, c2013

The K-book : an introduction to algebraic K-theory / Charles A. Weibel

The king of infinite space : Euclid and his Elements / David Berlinski

The shape of algebra in the mirrors of mathematics : a visual, computer-aided exploration of elementary algebra and beyond / Gabriel Katz, Vladimir Nodelman
Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2012

The theory of the top / F. Klein, Arnold Sommerfeld ; Raymond J. Nagem, Guido Sandri, translators ; preface by Michael Eckert
Boston : Birkhäuser, c2008-<c2012>

Undergraduate convexity : from Fourier and Motzkin to Kuhn and Tucker / Niels Lauritzen
Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2013

Visions of infinity : the great mathematical problems / Ian Stewart
New York : Basic Books, c2013