New Hampshire State Grange

On October 22, 1998, the New Hampshire State Grange donated funds to purchase an enclosed bulletin board near the front entrance and a large study table in the reference area. Small plaques commemorate this generous gift.

Nobel K. Peterson

A multimedia computer station was purchased for the Biological Sciences Library with a gift in memory of Professor Nobel K. Peterson. Dr. Peterson taught an introductory soils course, Soils 501, for many years which was popular with students in part because of his extensive use of creative audiovisual effects. In 1977, one of his classes presented him with the cape shown above and the poem given below.

As we watched you day after day it
Soon became obvious that you were
More than a teacher.
You bore the eccentricities of
Genius and Magic.

But you were missing something
As you displayed your wizardry of
Media and soils
A wizard without a cloak?
A sad situation indeed
We could not bear to see it continue

So, from the Soils 501 Class of 1977
We add this cloak to your wardrobe
And the word wizard to your title.

Philip J. Sawyer

Dr. Philip J. Sawyer was Professor and Chair of the Zoology Department until 1982. After retiring, he was one of the founders of Sea Run Holdings Inc., an aquaculture-biotechnology company.

Dr. Evelyn Sawyer has established an endowment in memory of her husband. The endowment is used to fund serial publications in the area of biotechnology. The first publication supported by the endowment is Current Protocols in Molecular Biology, which is now available online campus-wide.