This beta version contains legislation from the 103rd Congress (1993) to the present, member profiles from the 93rd Congress (1973) to the present, and some member profiles from the 80th through the 92nd Congresses (1947 to 1972).

Congressional Directory
Official directory of the US Congress, prepared by the Joint Committee on Printing.

US Congress Votes Database
Access voting records for every vote since 1991. Provides access by type of vote (such as treaties), interesting categories (such as very close votes), and by individual members of the House and Senate.

Years of the 1st through 113th Congresses (1789-2014)
Lists the years for each Congress, starting with the 1st in 1789-1790 to the present.


American State Papers
Thirty-eight physical volumes, containing the legislative and executive documents of Congress during the period 1789 to 1838. Available to read online.

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
US Congressional documents and debates, 1774-1873

Congressional Globe
Congressional debate of the 23rd-42nd Congresses (1833-73). Available to read online.