Non-circulating Government Documents collections

  • Level 3 (Main Floor) of Dimond Library - Designated as “Docs Ref –Level 3” in library catalog
  • Level 1 of Dimond Library - Designated “Docs Ref – Level 1" in library catalog

Circulating Federal Government Documents collection

  • Level 1 of Dimond Library - Designated “Docs – Level 1” in library catalog

Other locations

  • Links for electronic government resources are found in the UNH library catalog or the BLC WorldCat catalog
  • Documents Microforms: Room 210 (Dimond Level 2)
  • Documents Videos: Multimedia Center
  • Documents Maps: Map Room, Dimond Level 3 (Main Floor)
  • NH State Documents: Special Collections and Archives, Dimond Level 1
  • CDs and DVDs may be requested from the Government Information Unit or at the Reference Desk; most of these circulate