The New Hampshire Council of Churches

Papers, 1920-2002
MC 261

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50 boxes (50 cubic ft.)
Acquisition: Donations, New Hampshire Council of Churches (accession number: 2007.04)
Partially processed: Jessica McClain, Sept 2014

About the NH Council of Churches

The New Hampshire Council of Churches (NHCC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1945. It has its roots in Protestant ecumenical organizations of the late 19th and early 20th century, specifically, the New Hampshire Sunday School Association. The modern organization is comprised of representatives from 10 religious denominations including representatives from the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Quaker communities within New Hampshire.

The NHCC works to promote Christian Unity, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and prayer throughout the state. It has a strong commitment to social justice and the promotion of spiritual growth.

About The New Hampshire Council of Churches Papers

The New Hampshire Council of Churches archive, which has been minimally processed, includes minutes and annual reports, office records, correspondence, and records of educational programs presented by the organization. It also includes papers related to Ecumenical organizations active in the state during the early 20th century, including the New Hampshire Sunday School Organization, New Hampshire Christian Civic League, United Church Women, and the United Protestant Organization.

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Box Listing

Office Files, Photographs, Ephemera
Correspondence A-J
General Office Files
Office Files
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1959-1977
Council Bulletins, 1959-1965
Denominational Executives, 1975-1978
Mailings to ministers, 1967
Correspondence K-X, 1965-1967
Subject Files
Christian Unity Committee
AIDS Task Force, 1991-1996
Gambling Resources, 1991-1995
Rhode Island Council of Churches, 1977-1993
Vermont Ecumenical Council, 1977-1993
Campus Ministry Committee, 1986-1995
Maine Council of Churches, 1977-1994
Massachusetts Council of Churches, 1977-1994
North East National Association of Ecumenical Staff (NE NAES), 1991-1995
NAES, 1991-1996
New England Council Executives, 1991-1996
New England Consultation of Church Leaders (NECCL), 1991-1996
Legislation—New Hampshire; Martin Luther King Holiday, 1993-1996
Interfaith Alliance, 1996
Tax, 1994
NH Salary Survey, Clergy, 1988
Religious Educators, 1992
Public Conversations Advisory Group, 1994-1996
Pastoral Counselors, 1973-1993
Violence—Breaking the Cycle, Convocation, 1997
Central America, 1992
Peace With Justice, 1989
Criminal Punishment and Justice, 1992
Subject Files, Office Files
Institutional Ministry Committee, 1991-1996
Ecumenical Institute of New England (EINE), 1995
Proposals, 1994-1996
NHCC Finance and Budget Committee, 1990-1995
Children’s Defense Fund, Children’s Sabbath, 1992-1996
Annual Appeal, 1978-1996; Local Councils of Churches, 1964-1973
Annual Meeting Minutes, 1965-1967
Department of Church Planning and Development, 1965-1967
Department Minutes through 1969
Subject Files, Office Files
Correspondence, 1968-1971
Interfaith Service Council
Campus Ministry
Christian Education
Denominational Executives
Institutional Ministry
Social Concerns
New England Consultation of Church Leaders (NECCL) Conference/Continuing Ed. Division, 1975
Racism, NECCL, 1975
Executive Board, 1975-1978
Subject Files, Office Files
Correspondence, A-B, M, S-Z, 1955-1965
Vacation Church School, 1959-1964
Church and Economic Life Conferences; “Consider Your Image”
Consultation: Local Councils of Churches and Minister Associations
Consolidation of NH Council of Churches and NH Christian Civic League/United Protestant Appeal
Christian Responsibility for Freedom
Church Music Workshop, 1961-1963
Adult Work and Family Life Conference, 1961-1962
Convocation 1962: Minutes, Correspondence, Programs, Press Clippings, Press Kit
State of New Hampshire
Campus Christian Life Consultation, 1962
Ministers Convocation, 1961
Annual Meeting, 1960
Christian Responsibility in a Desegregating Society
Constitution, Committee to Revise
Correspondence, Subject Files
Correspondence, A-M, 1956-1964
National Council of Churches, 1961
Office Files, Subject Files, Publications
Various Christian Education Publications/Newsletters
Board Meetings
April Appeal
Address Changes
Alcohol Brochure, 1974
Payroll, 1970-1971
Appeal Letter
Expenses, 1970-1971, 1974
Deposits, 1970-1971
Council of Churches, 1971
Bank Statements, 1970-1971
Interested Leadership People
Camps, 1971
Christian Medical Society, 1971
Capitol Report
Drugs, Congenital, 1971
Executive Committee Meetings
Education Committee
Goals, 1974
Mail Permit
Membership (Attendance at 1974 Annual Meeting)
Minutes, 1973 Meeting
Board Meeting, 1971
New Hampshire
New Contacts
Nominating Committee
Inventory, Civic League
Job Description
Treasurer, Quarterly
Treasurer, 1971-1972
Board Meeting, Feb and April
9AM Opening
Board Meeting, January 1971
Maine, 1971-1972
Postage, 1974-1975
Purchasing Orders
Snowmobiles, 1971
Telephone, 1974-1975
NH Christian Civic League, 1975, 1980-1982
Testifying, 1971
Meeting Minutes, 1981-1990
Lord’s Day League of New England Incorporated
Women’s Christian Temperance Union(WCTU) 1971
Treasurer’s Report, 1973
Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, Subject Files
Correspondence, N-S, 1955-1964
NHCC News/Newspaper Clippings, 1952-1954
State Sunday School Convention notebook, 1924
BOX 10
Subject Files , Office Files, Correspondence, Audio-Visual Material
Nancy Vogele, New Hampshire Correctional Facilities
NH Behind Bars Project, 1992
Prisons, 1992
Prison Project Originals
Equal Access to Justice Campaign, 1995
Correspondence, 1990-1991, 1993
Advisory Committee, 1990-1991
Blanket America, 1992
HIV/AIDS Brochure, 1992
NH Network Against Gambling Expansion, 1995
Uniting Against Hatred, 1991
Institutional Ministry, 1991
Tax Policy, 1988-1990
Peace and Justice Consultant, 1986-1990
Bruce Metzger Lecture, 1991
Biblical Basis of a Peace Witness

Denominational Executives, 1990-1991

Finance and Budget, 1989-1991

Clergy Gathering, 1991

Legislative Track, 1986-1990

Orientation Conference for Religious Leaders (and Photographs), 1952

Singing the Gospel Message Around the World (Record Album)

Stan Freberg Asks “Ecumenical?” (Record Album—radio spots)
BOX 11
Photographs, Audio-Visual Material, Newspaper Clippings, Ephemera
Photographs, 1990s
Photographs, 50 Years of Ecumenical Service, 1995
Various Brochures
Newspaper Clippings
VHS tape: Speaking of Concord Prison Ministry 1992
Cassette Tape: Rev. Dr. Louis George, 1992
Reel-to-Reel tape, Bishop Wm. C. Martin
BOX 12
Subject Files, Office Files
The New Hampshire Future Planning Guide, v. 1 & 2
Myth Perceptions, NHPTV, 2000
Religious Attitudes and Behavior in New Hampshire: Final Report
God’s Word in Human Speech: Understanding the Bible in Its Context
Councils of Churches, 1997
NH Council of Churches Audits, 2000-2001
NH Council of Churches, Finance and Budget, 1969-1992
NH Council of Churches, Long Range Planning, 1990-1993
BOX 13
Subject Files, Office Files
NH Council of Churches, Education
Prevention Leadership Network Initiative
Death Penalty Legislation
Long Range Planning, 1997
BOX 14
Ephemera, Slides
Photographic slides
Photographic plates
Certificates (framed)
BOX 15
Office Files, Minutes, Annual Reports
NH Council of Churches Annual Meeting, 1958-1964, 1969-1978
NH Council of Churches Executive Board and Annual Meeting, 1960-1965
BOX 16
Office Files, Minutes, Annual Reports
NH Council of Churches Executive Committee, 1968-1979
NH Council of Churches Executive Board and Annual Meetings, 1966-1981
BOX 17
Office Files, Minutes, Annual Reports
NH Council of Churches Executive Board, 1988-1994
NH Council of Churches Executive Board and Annual Meeting, 1945-1959, 1987-1990
BOX 18
Office Files, Minutes, Annual Reports
NH Council of Churches Executive Board and Annual Meeting, 1975-1986
NH Council of Churches Executive Committee, 1980-1987
BOX 19
Subject Files, Office Files
Energy Conservation, 1981
Jane Dwyer—Christian Education Consultant, 1980-1982
Senior Adult Ministries (Cancelled), 1980
NCC Fuel Assistance Fund, 1981
Koinonia and Cornucopia, 1980-1981
Clergy Gathering (Peace and Justice), 1981
Keep Families Together, 1982
Billy Graham Crusade, 1982
Interreligious Emergency Campaign for Economic Justice, 1982
Church-State Task Force, 1980-1981
Voter Education Project, 1984
Bible Fiesta II (Cancelled), 1985
Clergy Gathering, 1985
Shout II (Cancelled), 1984

Clown Ministry (Mime) Workshop (Postponed), 1985
Send in the Clowns, 1985
Clergy Gathering, 1983
“Chemical People” Project, 1983
Celebration of Faith #2, 1984
Celebration of Faith #1, 1984
Clergy Gathering, 1984
Voter Education Project, 1984
Cheese Distribution, 1983
Morning at the Legislature, 1983
Evaluation Sub-Committee, NH Council of Churches, 1982-1983
Clown Ministry Workshop, 1983
September Comes Before May, 1974
Energy Task Force, 1981-1982
Energy Audit Workshops, 1981
CBS “60 Minutes” Program on National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches, 1983
Shout, 1982
You and Your Aging Parent, 1982
Clergy Gathering, 1982
Living the Lord’s Prayer Retreat (Cancelled), 1982
BOX 20
Subject Files
Delaware North Corp.—Rockingham Park, 1981

Northeastern NAES, 1984
County Institutions
Covenant of Conscience
The Water and the Blood (Haddix), 1987
Youth Leaders Training Event (Cancelled), 1986
Clergy Gathering, 1986
Interconnections on Behalf of Elderly, 1986
Retirement Planning Task Force, 1985-1986
Shout II, 1985
Clergy Gathering, 1987
Alcohol and Drug Workshop, 1988
Choose Peace, 1988
Tax Workshop, 1987
Celebration of Faith (Cancelled), 1988
Housing Workshop, 1988
Child Abuse Workshop, 1980
Celebration of Faith, 1980
Laconia Area Christian Educators, 1979-1980
Spiritual Renewal Group, 1978-1980
Clergy Gathering, 1980
Posters, Puppets, Press (Cancelled), 1980
Worship Task Force, 1977-1978
Clergy Gathering, 1978
Lenten Preaching Workshop, 1979
Wholistic Health Workshop, 1978
Youth Ministry Training Event, 1979
Church and World Inequities Task Force, 1977-1979
Church Growth Committee, 1979
Family Financial Planning Workshop, 1978
Clergy Gathering, 1979
Morning at New Hampshire Hospital, 1980
Investment Task Force, 1979
Prayer Breakfast
BOX 21
Subject Files, Newspaper Clippings
Ecumenical Clergy Gathering, 1977

Lay Academy Task Force, 1977

Christian Education Enrichment Day, 1978

Church Music Workshop, 1975

T.I.M.E. Workshop, 1977

Church Adjustment Task Force, 1977

News Media Task Force, 1977

Liturgical Folk Music Sharing Session, 1977

Hunger and Population Task Force, 1977

PACE IV, 1977
Clergy Gathering, 1975
Hunger and Population Task Force, 1976-1977
PACE III, 1976
Bread for the World, 1978
Abortion; Advisory Group—NH Plan Family Planning Services, 1975
Newspaper Clippings
New England Poverty
North Country Visit—Brad Young, 1975
Ecumenical Bicentennial Celebration, 1976
Day with St. Luke, 1976
Church Choir Day, 1977
Church Music Day, 1976
Christian Education Enrichment Days, 1978
Church Adjustment Task Force, 1975-1976
PACE, 1975; Financial Planning
BOX 22
Correspondence, Subject Files
Council Correspondence, 1970-1979
Adult Work and Family Life Conference
Boy Scouts of America
Durable Powers of Attorney/Health Care
Councils of Churches
Campus Christian Life
NH Legislation
Church Adjustment Task Force, 1978
T.I.M.E. Workshop, 1978
Indian Manpower of NH
Nashua Pastoral Counseling Service, 1969-1978
Consultation on Twelve Issues of Social Concern, 1973
Seabrook, 1978
Clergy Group Visitation Task Force, 1977
Hunger Action Enabler, 1976
Christian Education
Church Choir Day, 1977
Seabrook Observer Team, 1978
BOX 23
Subject Files, Office Files
Cathedral of the Pines
Church and State
The Church and Legislators Conference and Dinner
Conference on Alcoholism
Department of Christian Education
Consultation of Local Councils
Experiment in International Living
Friends of the Concord Library
Geneva Point Camp
Home Mission Consultation
Image of the Church Conference
Institutional Ministry
Migrant Ministry
New England Town and Country Commission
NH Council on World Affairs
NH Social Welfare Council
Nurses’ Retreat
Program for Peace
Religion and the Public Schools
Safe Driving
Social Action
Sweepstakes Lottery
Universal Military Training (UMT)
United Church of Canada
United Nations
Bible Department
Campus Christian Life
BOX 24
Subject Files, Office Files, Publications
Annual Convention, 1956
Civil Defense
Protestant Association, UNH
Alcohol Education
Family Life
Mental Health Resources, 1949
Church Reports
Cathedral Services, 1948-1951
Annual Reports, 1957
1947 Lay-Professional Council Report
Leadership Education Handbook, 1956
Christian Education brochures
Christian Life papers
Federal Council Bulletin
BOX 25
Subject Files, Office Files
Church Planning and Development
Executive Committee
Institutional Ministry
Public Relations
United Church Men
Council of Churches—Guiding Principles
Comity Brochure
Alcoholism, 1955
Camps and Conferences
Christian Education
Catholic—Jewish—Protestant Relations
BOX 26
Correspondence, Office Files, Subject Files
Washington Correspondence, 1960-1967
Operation Target
Materials Sent Through Mailing List
Ministry to the Poor
Recreation Ministry
Dept. of Racial and Cultural Relations
The Ministry
Social Concerns, 1971-1975
Ministry to Older People
Applications—Chaplains, 1966-1975
Campus Ministry, 1975
BOX 27
Office Files, Subject Files, Minutes, Annual Reports
Executive Committee Minutes, 1953-1957
Federal Aid to Education
Federated Churches, Official Constitutions, etc.
Federations, Councils of Churches, etc., Sample Constitutions
Girl Scouting
General Assembly, 1966
New Hampshire Council of Churches, Interdenominational Survey
Juvenile Delinquency
Social Action
Local Councils of Churches
National Council of Churches
National Council of Churches—Organization
Refugee Resettlement
United Church Women
World Council of Churches
Official Copy—Every Community Survey
Campus Ministry Consultation
Christian Education
Communism and the Churches
Campus Ministry, 1967-1971
NH Council of Churches, Annual Reports, Annual Meeting 1967
Institutional Ministry, 1963-1975
BOX 28
Office Files
Federal Income Tax Files, 1959-1964
Bills Paid, 1969-1971
Deposits, 1955-1957
Income Tax Returns, 1965-1966
Bills Paid to NHCC, 1968-1970, Account Book, 1966-1970
Prison Chaplain Applicants, 1986
Fuel Assistance, 1981
Christian Education, 1978-1987
BOX 29
Audio-Visual Materials, Computer Disks
Cassette Tapes—Bicentennial Conference on the Religious Clauses (1991), Pentecost to Soweto, 50th Anniversary Master, M. Kinnamon, Welcome Others as God Welcomes the Child (1995)
VHS—Michael Kinnamon, NH Council of Churches (1995), March for Jesus (1995), Project Blanket America (1992), AARP: Family Medical Planning, Christian Film Festivals of American, Promotional Video (2003), Burning of Black Churches (1996)
5 ¼” Diskettes: 3 boxes, 1986-1990; 1 box high density disks
BOX 30
Office Files, Correspondence, Subject Files
Communications Committee, 1984-1989
Correspondence, 1983-1985
National Association of Ecumenical Staff Conference, 1991, 1992
NH Legislation, 1991-1996
Gary Place Pardon
Compassion Sunday
Boy Scouts
Strengthening the Safety Net, 2000
Mall Amicus Brief
Amicus Curae Swansey
Ecumenical Institute of New England (EINE) 2002
BOX 31
Office Files
News Releases, 1960-1967, 1971-1978
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Institutional Ministry, 1977-1986
Applications for Youth Development Center Chaplain, 1985-1988
Applications for NH Hospital Chaplains, 1987-1988
Institutional Ministry Committee/Pastoral Counseling Committee, 1987-1988
Peace and Justice Task Force, 1984-1985
Campus Ministry Committee, 1975-1985
Social Concerns Committee, 1979-1984
Legislative Monitoring Group 1982-1985
V. Higgins, 1983-1985
BOX 32
Subject Files
End of Life Care Task Force, 2000-2002
Ecumenical Institute of New England (EINE), 2002
Interfaith HIV/AIDS Task Force
Burned Churches, 1996
Sabbath/Youth, 1998
Charitable Giving, 1996-1999
Family Support Partnerships
Coalition for a Healthy New Hampshire, 2000
New Hampshire Cares, 2001
Volunteerism in New Hampshire
State Incentive Grant (SIG)
BOX 33
Subject Files, Office Files
Ecumenical Institute of New England (EINE), 2002

Executive Secretary, 1990-1992

Education, 1998-2000

Child Care, 1995-2000

NH Children’s Advocacy, 1998-1999

Social Issues
BOX 34
Subject Files
Death Penalty
BOX 35
Subject Files
Taxes/Economic Justice
Ecumenism Directory, 1993
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Task Force
NH Cares
State Incentive Grant
NH Poverty
Social Issues (various)
BOX 36
Subject Files, Office Files
Language of Hatred/Uniting Against Hatred II
Hate Crimes Task Force
NH Council of Churches 50th Anniversary
Children, 1990s
Alcohol Task Force, 1992
Interfaith AIDS Task Force
Advent/Lent Lectionary Sharing
Jewish/Christian Coalition of NH
Youth Development Center, 1994
Local Churches, Financial Contributions
Legal Workshop
Marriage Task Force, 1993
Multi-Denominational Churches
NH Council of Churches Coalitions 1994
Prison Parenting
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Task Force
Church and State
Citizens Budget Campaign
Treatment Programs for Clergy
Celebration of the Word, 1993
Mental Illness
Sexual Misconduct in the Church
Gambling; Community Based Development
Legislative Updates
BOX 37
Subject Files, Office Files, Minutes
NH People Study Task Force
The Language of Hatred/United Against Hatred II—Minutes
NH Tax Exempt Coalition
Shalom Center
NH Council of Churches Retreat, 1995
Peace, Justice, and Integrity of Creation
Peace and Justice Task Force, 1986-1988
Clergy Gathering, 1990
Executive Board, 1989
Denominational Executives, 1989
Christian Unity, 1985-1989
Advisory Committee, 1989
Newspaper and Radio Releases
Quest for Peace, 1988
Social Concerns Survey, 1986
Search Committee for Exec. Secretary
Death Penalty
BOX 38
Subject Files, Office Files
Adult Christian Education Conference
Church World Service
Association of Council Secretaries (ACS)
Worker Justice
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Voting Records, Lobby, and Testimony Information
Taxation and Catholic Social Teaching
Press Releases
Study Circles Resource Center
Social Security
Social Entrepreneur
Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) Task Force
Quaker Witness
Stern Foundation Policy Institute
Organization’s Addresses
National Council of Churches
Millennium Jubilee Pentecost
Jubilee 2000
Health Care/U2K
Moneywatch/NH Citizens Alliance
Paul Haskell
Footlocker 8
BOX 39
Subject Files, Office Files, Correspondence
AIDS Project—Correspondence
Certificates of Attendance
HIV/AIDS ’97 Project/Grant
AIDS Conference
Granite State Association of Nonprofits (GSAN)
Affirmative Action
Assisted Suicide
Baptist Joint Committee
Bread for the World
Burned Churches
Campaign Finance Reform
Communities Actively United for Social Equality (CAUSE)
Child Care
Children’s Summit 2001
Children’s Advocacy Network, NH
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Children’s Sabbath, Children’s Defense Fund (CDF)
Plus Time
Church and State
Civil Union
Climate Change
Common Ground/Pro-Life
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
Criminal Justice; Education—Denominations
School Vouchers
Education Adequacy and Funding
Elderly Issues
Foreign Aid (US)
Gay Rights
Fundraising materials
BOX 40
Annual Reports, Minutes, Office Files
Annual Reports, 1937-1948 (Includes reports from the New Hampshire Council of Religious Education)
Minutes of Meetings, 1920-1938
Weekday Religious Education files, 1943-1945
Program files, 1944-1955
BOX 41
Subject Files, Office Files
Public Relations
Race Relations Conference at Geneva Point Camp
National Convocation: The Church in Town and Country, 1955
National Council of Churches Pronouncements and Policy Statements
Pacem in Terris in NH
Peace—Coordinated Emphasis
Planning Conference
Race Relations
Funeral Practices
Interfaith Conference
Institutional Chaplains Reports
Lewd Literature Campaign
Church/State Issues
Civil Defense
Civil Rights
Communications Workshop
Council News Clippings
Local Churches
Ministers’ Continuing Education
New England Friendship Gathering (NEFG)

Art and Worship
Eastern Regional Conference of Council Secretaries
Friends of Fair Journalism
Music Workshop
Race Relations Conference
Rights of Conscience
Social Action, 1961-1964
BOX 42
Office Files
Old Records (Minutes, Reports, Misc.), 1939-1954
Programs, 1928-1943
BOX 43
Subject Files
Alzheimer’s Workshop
Quest for Peace, 1988
Clergy Gathering, 1988
FEMA, 1986-1989
Lakeshore Hospital/Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Beyond Denial: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Workshop, 1989
FEMA, 1984-1986
Kerygma (Training Session), 1985
Kerygma, 1985-1989
Metzger: Lectureship, 1991
Christian Unity Week of Prayer, 1991
Computer Assisted Ministry Workshop, 1990
Religious Leaders’ Day at New Hampshire Hospital, 1992
Clergy/Parishioner Boundaries
In Wats Line, 1972-1974
Citizen Empowerment, 1972
Church and Ministry to Older People, 1972
Gospel Action, 1974
12 Issues of Social Concern, 1973
Instroteach, 1973
Covenant Players, 1972
Ministry to Older People, 1972
Continuing Education
Social Concerns Consultation, 1971
Selective Service Seminar, 1971
Clergy Gathering, 1989
Family Camps, 1971-1972
A Day at the State, 1970
Sunapee Ski Ministry, 1969
Council Info for Diocese of Manchester, 1968-1969
Ministry to the Poor
Brad Young Visit, 1972
Eating a la Welfare, 1971
BOX 44
Office Files, Constitutions, Newsletters, Correspondence
NH Council of Churches Yearly Reviews, Updates, Publications, Workshops, 1966-1992
Denominational Executives, 1987-1989
Christian Civic League
NH Council of Churches Constitution
NH Council of Churches and NH Bible Society Constitutions
Denominational Support Request
NH Church Council News, 1951-1967
BOX 45
Subject Files, Office Files
Religious Attitudes and Behaviors in NH Survey
Transparencies, Visions of Shalom
NH Church Locations
NH Council of Churches, material from mid-1970s
Council Assembly
NH Churches
Church World Service (CWS) Workshop, 1994
Social Concerns Survey, 1994
Safe Relationships, 1993
Computer Assisted Ministry, 1990
Church World Service (CWS), Disaster Resource Counselor training
Environment, 1992
Legislation—US Senators & US Representatives
Social Action Conference, 1962
United Protestant Association (UPA), Durham
Religious Education—Weekday Schools
Youth Week Meeting
BOX 46
Correspondence, Minutes, Annual Reports; Newsletters
Correspondence, 1980-1982, 1986-1992
Mixed Minutes, 1970-1973
Various papers, mailings, and newsletters, 1974-1986
Finance, 1972-1978
BOX 47
Annual Reports, Minutes, Correspondence, Office Files, Newsletters
Annual Meeting packets, 1956-1973
Pastoral Counseling Service Correspondence, 1967-1972
Mailings to Denominational Executives
Inquiries and Requests Made to the NHCC
Christian Education
Pembroke Conference Center, UCC
Church Music Workshop, 1975
Media Task Force
Institutional Ministries
New Church Development Task Force
Campus Ministry, 1972-1975
Newsletters, 1969-1970, 1994
Executive Board Minutes, 11975-1977
Interdenominational Involvement Survey, 1973
BOX 48
Minutes, Office Files, Subject Files
Denominational Executives, 1968-1986, 1990-1997
Excerpts from minutes from past executive committees and annual assemblies, 1945-1989
Review and Reflections, Frank Gross, 1982
May Fellowship Day, 1954
United Church Women, early 1950s
BOX 49
Correspondence, Office Files, Newsletters, Audio-Visual
NH Council of Church Women/United Church Women, 1957-1954
NH Council of Churches Annual Meeting, 1952
The New Hampshire Issue (NH Christian Civic League Newsletter), 1950s
NH Christian Civic League
Annual Meeting, 1966-1969, 1974
Annual Reports, 1971
List of Pamphlets
List of Books
NHCC Ledgers, 1984-1989
Older Girls’ Conference, YMCA, 1965
Church Women, 1955, 1957
Program of United Church Women (33 1/3 rpm disc)
United Protestant Association, Durham, Papers
BOX 50
Floppy Disks
UNBOXED (Oversize)
Death Penalty materials
Ledgers, 1951-1984