State and Provincial Papers of New Hampshire

Known variously as the State Papers, Provincial Papers, or by its component parts: Revolutionary Rolls, Town Papers, Town Charters and Masonian Papers, Probate Records, and Court Records, this forty volume set is formally cited as Nathaniel Bouton, et al., eds. Documents and Records Relating to New Hampshire, 1623-1800. Individual volumes were published in Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Bristol, New Hampshire between 1867 and 1943. The State Papers set represents the largest and most important accumulation of published documents from the settlement of New Hampshire to the year 1800.

With various editors over a nearly eighty-year span of publication, the State Papers are somewhat uneven in terms of organization and indexing. The New Hampshire State Archives has produced and made available online a cumulative index of all forty volumes, although this digital version will permit full-text searching and should help mask organizational discrepancies between volumes produced by different editors.

This digital version represents the collective efforts of the New Hampshire Division of Archives and Records Management and the University of New Hampshire Library. Much of the information for this electronic guide to the State Papers is drawn, with the author’s permission, from Stu Wallace’s seminal "Notes and Documents: The State Papers? A Descriptive Guide," Historical New Hampshire 31 (Fall 1976).

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