OCA Submission Criteria

University Library books nominated for inclusion in the OCA scanning project will be screened using the following criteria:


When selecting materials for scanning, the Library will respect the intellectual property rights of others. Works published 1922 or before are in the public domain. Works published between 1923 and 1977 may be in the public domain if they were never copyrighted by their creator. Some government documents are in the public domain regardless of date. Copyrighted works may be scanned if we first obtain written permission from the copyright holder.

Physical specifications

Individual pages should be less than 9.7" wide and 14.5" high.

Books must be side bound. No top bound, disbound, or unbound materials can be scanned. Soft cover, pamphlet bound, and perfect bound (glued, not sewn) materials are acceptable.

Books should open to at least a 75 degree angle and have 1/4" of visible gutter margin on each side at that angle.

Multiple titles or issues/volumes/numbers/years in a single bound volume are acceptable.

Foldouts can be no larger than 18" x 24".