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I'm sure there have been a lot of complaints since people are finding out about the books in the dumpster. This is completely wrong of anyone to throw books out. Especially without putting the word out to other first. Could could create a small free section in the library near where the new books are currently kept. Keep some in storage and slowly pull them out as needed to bring them up. Donate some. Post them on eBay and other sites where the library could even make some money off them. Don't just throw them out. Even if they haven't been checked out in 20+ years... it doesn't mean the information isn't still relevant. Especially in the case of the art history books. History never changes. With the technology books, someone interested in technology might like to know what kind of progress has been made over the years. Many people use books only inside the library and don't check them out (I am one of those people). Assumptions cannot be made here.

Submitted by Anonymous on

The student employees of the library are yelling book numbers out on level 2 while we are trying to work. Please tell them to keep it down so that we can focus.

Submitted by Anonymous on

could you give the books to saint Vincent de paul to help people in need clothing and books they collect better than putting in a landfill people need help but will not ask call 1 800 675 2882 will pick up please give them books they need them donations thank you

Submitted by joe reppucci on

I just heard on the news that you are discarding thousands of books in order to make room for a new collection. I am an alumni of UNH and while I understand a library's constant need to assess its collection, I feel there are better options for these no longer needed volumes than just literally throwing them in the dumpster. Have you thought to offer to donate these books to local community colleges? What about holding a book sale as a fundraiser or donating them to a local charity? At the very least, wouldn't you allow the community to go through them and take what they wanted? Surely, as librarians, you find the idea of throwing books in the trash as distasteful as I do. Please reconsider your actions!

Submitted by Christine on

Tissues at Circulation and other stations? Coming in out of the cold, unwrapping the scarf ...not pretty or healthy.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I have been frequenting the Dimond library ever since my freshman year (I am now a senior sadly enough) and I spend/have spent many many hours in the library studying and getting my work done (sometimes until closing at 2am), it is absolutely my favorite place to do academic work. I actually genuinely LOVE our main library at UNH and I really love being here, I think our campus is extremely lucky to have this building and all the people/resources associated with it. My only complaint seems pretty trivial, but I have been waiting for TWO YEARS for a light bulb on the second floor to be replaced. For two years I have been going to a specific spot on the second floor and I love this spot...but this light has been out since I can remember coming here. So I come to this spot and I sit squinting because it is so dim here. You may wonder why I don't choose a different spot (which sometimes I do) and I have 3 reasons: 1) sometimes the library is too full to find anywhere else, 2) it is nice and quiet, which is very hard to find unless you go in a quiet room, 3) why should I have to change where I love to study just because library maintenance for whatever reason neglects even simple tasks such as replacing a light bulb? And also, since UNH just spent (wasted) a TON of money changing the logo, I think they can afford spare light bulbs. And, why does the library put a perfect table and awesome rolling chairs DIRECTLY under this burnt out light if it never ever is working?!?! I am actually begging someone, anyone, to please please please try and get this light bulb fixed. Please please allow me to spend my last semester studying in a lit area. It is located on the second floor section with all the books, directly next to the doors that go into the new printing/computer area, opposite the doors to the periodicals. It is the very first light on the right if you are facing the doors. Thank you to everyone in the library who helps to keep this magical place up and running on a daily basis.

Submitted by Katie on

Title search performed for film "Oh!What a Lovely War" using combined library option. Interesting assortment of titles came up, but nothing close to target. (only when I figured out how to check the dvd box in sidebar did I find what I was looking for.) Attempt to streamline process (or to encourage students to stop thinking of the library as a physical place?) has only ... well, you get the idea.

Submitted by Martin McKinsey on

I think that it would be very valuable to the UNH community if UNH Library offered free access to Newspaper Source is a great resource,but it does not offer enough variety or historical documents for many research projects

Submitted by Hannah on

What happened to the Web page listing the library hours? It used to be OK, albeit slightly lacking. I complained that it wasn't able to let you see library hours from the past. So what do you do?

You changed the hours so it can now only display one day at a time! You cannot select a weekly or monthly view. If you want to know the hours for the week, you have to select EACH day and view it separately.

What's wrong with you people? Who could possibly have thought that this was a GOOD idea?

I have to give you credit for one thing, though: You can look at the hours for previous days!


Submitted by William Benson on

Thanks for your comment, William.

Here's a link to our hours page. There is also a link to our regular hours for spring and summer under the calendar on this page.

Please note that there may be exceptions to our regular hours, in which case you may still want to check the hours for a particular day.

Submitted by rcwolff on

Patron came up to the desk and we couldn't find the comment link right away. I said I would put it in when I found it. She wanted to show her appreciation of the student artwork that was displayed "striking".

Submitted by Jean Putnam on

I was wondering if there is anyway for the general public to borrow books from the UNH library? Thank you

Submitted by Victoria Su on

Here's a list of who can borrow. There are a number of groups, such as alumni and local residents, which can borrow for free. For others, cards can be purchased for a summer or a full calendar year.

Submitted by admin on

Some of the outlets don't work on the balconies overseeing the big rooms and many of the plug-ins on the desk lamp cords have been cut off. Please fix this.

Submitted by Anonymous on

The librarians at the CEPS library are always incredibly helpful and accommodating. They have helped me out of a jam a few times, and I really appreciate all the do for us.

Submitted by Nick on

Did you use to have a link to Blackboard on your old home page? If so, and if it's been done away with (I couldn't find it), it is missed.

Submitted by Martin McKinsey on

Thanks for the feedback, Martin. After much discussion, we ultimately decided to remove it. In part, we did not want to suggest that connecting to Blackboard was still necessary to connect to databases (which it isn't). Also, we have limited space in the site-wide header and had already added audience-specific links. I might suggest you add a bookmark to Blackboard in your browser instead.

Submitted by rcwolff on

I think a link from your "digital collections" page to the historical map collection would be useful. Otherwise someone has to know to get there via government documents (at least I think that's how I eventually found them). Links in more than one place are useful!

Submitted by Peter J Thompson on

You used to have boxes of pencils and scrap paper by computer (next to circ desk) that patrons use for catalog inquiries. Most helpful for jotting down call #s!

Older Patron

Submitted by Anonymous on

We're sorry that you were unable to find scrap paper and pencils when you were at the Circulation Desk. We do try to keep the boxes full so that patrons can jot down call numbers etc. If you're unable to find either, please let us know and we'll fill the boxes on the spot.

Submitted by erfowler on

It would be helpful to know where else one might look for a book that is not on the shelf even though the computer says it's "available."

Submitted by Anonymous on

My best advice is to ask the staff at the Circulation Desk. But these few simple guidelines will help you: Check the location - could it be a Manchester or Special Collection book?

b. If the book has been recently returned or used in the library, it may be on the waiting shelves. On each floor, at the front of the building and at the start of each collection, we have some differently coloured shelves for books that are awaiting reshelving.

c. The item may be currently used in the library by another patron.

The Circulation Desk staff are knowledgeable and very keen to help you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Submitted by Anonymous on

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